Welcome to the Rabbit Hole


Welcome to the Rabbit Hole. You have made a good decision by choosing the red pill 🙂

Here you can find the most advanced and deeper topics.
Topics like “What is reality”, “What is Ego and how it plays a role in our life”, “What’s the purpose of life”, “Who or what YOU really are” and “What is “God””.

Lots of the information which you find here can go against all your past beliefs and may shock you at first. You may not accept those ideas and they may seem very absurd to you. You may feel anger, disappointment and depression. So I ask you to leave all your past beliefs and rationality behind and be very open minded when advancing further into Rabbit Hole. But if you stick with me and do the work, I can promise you, you will have an amazing and extraordinary life. Your happiness level will increase tremendously and you will free yourself from all those limits and boundaries created by your mind. The real freedom is yours to have at the end.

So let’s not waste time and let’s get started, we have much work to do.

Choose your category and enjoy the ride 🙂

PS I would be very grateful if you take time and share your own opinions and views on those topics. That way we can both grow.

My own contemplations and experiences
Here I´m sharing my own experiences, ahhaa moments and contemplations which I have had during my daily life or in meditation.

3rd party videos
3rd party videos with very powerful insights and influence and which I highly recommend to watch.