100 Days Challenge


“There is no challenge more challenging than the challenge to improve yourself”

What is „100 days challenge“

Social pressure is something which makes us push ourselves and make the things which seem impossible at first. This is the case with this challenge too. It is a social challenge which puts the participants under the pressure and into spotlight 🙂

Idea to create „100 days challenge came when I had trouble to get back to meditation habit. I knew if I´m making my challenge public I have to do it no matter what 😉  And why should I do it alone, I will invite others, who are having the same problem, to do the same. The challenge had a very warm welcome and it has helped many people already.
Are you the one who has struggled to make the meditation your daily habit? Or are you total newbie? This challenge is for you. „100 days challenge“ will help you to get started with daily mediation and also will help you to stay on track.

Now is the time to start your “new” life. Accept the challenge and show what you are made of!


What is meditation

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