Here you can read little stories which can give you very valuable lesson and some will make you laugh 🙂
You might not understand the lesson in the story at first, give it little time and you will understand it when the time is right.

One day a wise man went to the market. He saw a crowd near the tobacco merchant and stepped closer. He went straight next to the merchant and started to praise the benefits of tobacco. Merchant was flattered for the praise of his goods and asked can the wise man […]

Story – “The Benefits Of Tobacco”

Master asked from his student: “What is the saddest part in human life?” “Probably that people cannot find answers to their questions,” replied the student. “No,” said the master, “it is that they cannot find the right questions to what they want to seek the answers to.

Story “Questions are more important”

Caesar had only one friend who he truly trusted. It was his physician. When Caesar was sick, he took only the medicine that his doctor gave him with his own hand. Caesar got an anonymous letter one day: “Be afraid of your friend, the physician. He wants to poison you!” […]

Story “Never Doubt In A Friend”

The Devil gathered imp’s council together and asked: “I´m waiting for your propositions on how to make people’s life bitter.” First imp suggested: “I´ll go and tell them that Hell does not exist.” “Not bad,” replied the Devil, “only that many people on Earth are already living like in Hell.” […]

There’s No Hurry To Anywhere

God looked down to the Earth and he was saddened the way people treated doctors. He decided he needs to raise the reputation of doctors. He descended to the Earth, took a form of a doctor and started to work in one hospital. First day started. A paralyzed man who […]

Story “Doctor like everyone else”

One Englishman started to seek the Truth. He sold all his fortune and traveled to Asia to find the most famous Sufi teacher of the century who could help him to find the Truth. Traveled for 8 years he finally met one dervish and asked him, could he show where […]

Story – “Searching for the teacher”

A priest arrived to unfamiliar down. He was invited to give a sermon in a local church. On that day though, public transport was on strike and he didn’t know the way to the church. He decided to ask directions from a boy who was playing on the street. Boy […]

Story “A guide”

A merchant met a hermit holy man on his road. Merchant started show off that because of his riches he doesn’t have to consider no one’s wishes and tastes and he is free to do whatever he wants. “Is it so!” wondered hermit. “When you searched a place to stay […]

Story – Free choice

One day master Sant Thakar Singh met a traveler who had only three things: pair of sandals, piece of cloth wrapped around his body and a small pot for cooking and water. Pot didn’t have a top and traveler covered it with the edge of his clothing. Master suggested that […]

Story – Sandals, piece of cloth and a pot

“Accidents and misfortunes are helping us on the road to enlightenment and spiritual maturity” said a Teacher and told the following story: “One little bird had a shelter in dead tree tranches in the middle of empty desert. One day a big storm came and pulled the tree with its roots from […]

Story – The benefit of misfortune