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Here you can find my writings and videos of my life experiences and thoughts which can be helpful in your daily life.
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Yet again my Ego (mind) has played tricks on me 🙂 Couple of days ago during my morning meditation, I suddenly realized: I have been running away from life. What a shame 😉 To tell people: „Come out from your head and live in the moment. Do not attach to […]

The Art of Surrendering

Concentration vs meditation. What is the difference and which is better for personal growth? Concentration is a way of meditation when you focus on one specific thing (feeling, sound or sight) and clear you mind this way. Concentration can be part of meditation but it does not have to be, […]

Concentration vs Meditation

I GOT SCAMMED! Be careful! They told me, there is no rush. They told me, you have all the time you need. They told me, trust us, everything will be okay. They told me, if you work hard you will get all what you want and your name will be […]

I got scammed!