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This post is little bit different than my usual posts. We all wear masks in this life and others never know what is really happening under the mask. The best example would be so called “Facebook Happiness” where people are posting beautiful pictures of places which they visit, pictures of […]

I Hate You! I Hate You!

[adzbuzzer] Had interesting piffany during yesterday’s meditation 🙂 Enlightenment is like a Supernova 🙂 Star is facing heavy gravity and to resist the collapse it burns its fuel to counter balance gravity. Once the fuel has run out there is no resistance to the gravity and star faces the inevitability […]

Enlightenment is like a Supernova

No excuses, I lost! Or maybe some 🙂 We had a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competition yesterday in Estonia. It was National Championship in Gi. I fell out in the first round by submission (triangle choke). It wouldn’t be something special or something worth writing but I lost to a “white belt” […]

No excuses, I lost!