My Journey

This is a journey which has no end. Journey where the road is more important than the destination itself. Journey which dissolves all the suffering and emotional pain. Journey which gives the ultimate happiness and joy. Journey which sets me free from the prison of my mind.
Journey to Spiritual Freedom

Here I´m sharing my own growth and progress in this endless road.

ifebook is a probably the best self-development program. Because it will help you start living really conscious and extraordinary life. The program will help you to find out your beliefs, goals, reasons for goals, and strategies in 12 different categories. So, you could start living fully in all of those […]

My Experience With “Lifebook” – The Beginning

[adzbuzzer] Your mind may be slowing down or even stop your own progress without you even knowing it. It takes a lot of awareness to catch those sneaky subconscious mind self-fulfilling prophecy thoughts that can really harm your progress of achieving what you really want. I was doing exactly that […]

Poking Sticks To My Own Wheels – “Life Unfiltered” Ep. 12