Controversial Stuff

All your controversial topics like free energy, UFO’s, vaccines shadow government and many more. Here you can find the content which can really shake the foundations of how you see our world.

You have to watch those videos or read the articles without any presumption and prejudgment. I know that old belief systems are very hard to fall off but drop what has been taught to you in the past and try to look things from a clean sheet.
If you are open minded enough you will see that nothing is at it seems and is being taught or shared through media.

NB! Content is shared from 3rd party sources and I don’t own any of it. All the credit goes to the creator of the content.

I stumbled upon this old video which really shows how EASY it is to BRAINWASH a nation and society as a whole. In the following video an Ex KGB officer openly reveals KGB’s subversive tactics against western society. Yes it is an old video but if you are open enough […]

Brainwashing the society

Are chemtrails real or just another imagination of conspiracy theorists?  Watch this video for example and decide for yourself 🙂   Here is an article with many “interesting” links in it. And in Collective Evolution you can find many, many posts related to this topic.   I´m not trying to […]

Chemtrails! Truth or fiction?