Life Unfiltered #16 “When Life Knocks You Down”

Sometimes life hits you hard, really hard. It knocks you down into the mud so hard that when you come back to your senses the first thought is: “This is it, this is the end. There is no way I’m able to get out of this.”


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Sometimes life hits you hard, really hard. It knocks you down into the mud so hard that when you come back to your senses the first thought is: “This is it, this is the end. There is no way I’m able to get out of this.”

But no matter how hard you fall, if you still have some life in you, it is up to you will you stay in the mud and curse anyone and anything that might have put you into this situation. Or you use all the strength you have and start growling. Slowly, but inch by inch you start growling out of the mud.

And when you have enough strength already, you get on your knees and from there you push yourself up. Until you stand tall, expand your chest, punch it with your fists and scream from the bottom of your lungs: “Is that all?! Is this your best shot?! I’m stronger than this!!! I’m much stronger than this! As long as there is some life in me, I’m going to stand up and push forward no matter how hard I’ve been knocked down. With every knockdown, I’m also getting stronger, wiser and more motivated to push forward. So thank you for making me stronger!” 

I Got Hit By Life!

Why am I telling you this?

I got hit pretty bad by life and first I thought: “What now, what will happen now. How am I getting out of this?”

The crisis called Coronavirus that spreads around the world has also struck my life pretty hard.

Suddenly I found myself out of money and jobless. In Estonia, all amusement and entertainment places were forced to shut down which also means all gyms are out of work.

Most of my income for living comes from private lessons and in an instant, it all was taken away. No more money is coming in.

Plus I had to have 2 seminars at the end of March that should have helped me to fix my phone that I broke last weekend (read the post). And also help to pay for this month’s children’s allowance. Everything had to be canceled. Which of course means, no money coming.

So, in an instant, my life collapsed: “How am I going to get through this? How I’m getting the food to the table? How I’m going to fix my phone (I need it for content creation)? How I’m going to pay for children’s allowance?” All those thoughts started to run in my head.

The Power Of A Choice!

But then I stopped, I stopped this inner chatter. “No, I’m not going down that path! I’m not letting my mind bring me to the place of no return.” 

Because we always have a choice. We always have a choice of how we respond to things and situations in our life. This is the biggest power, we, humans have – The Power Of Choice.

So, I started to look for the other side of the coin. “Maybe there is something good in this situation? How can I use this situation? What I can do to make the most out of this?

All this situation can actually be a blessing in disguise. I can dedicate all this free time to fully focus on growing my online influence and business. I have still enough money to survive for the rest of the month (although no money for fixing the phone and children’s allowance) and I also have enough holdings in my online programs to also make it through another month if needed. 

A Gift From A Universe?

So, I’m not letting myself go down into desperation. I’m taking full advantage of this situation and go all in. 

I’m using this time off to fully dedicate myself to building my online business and career.

On another note, the Universe has an interesting way to give what we are asking for. After I have finished the Lifebook Online course, I wished I could have more time to really dedicate myself to working with that and start pursuing my dreams and goals.

And here I am, free from all the obligations. The Universe has granted my wish. Thank you! … I think 😀

Taking Full Advantage Of The Situation

Although the focus is a little bit different now. My first plan, before all this, was to start sharing my journey with Lifebook on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. And I was already preparing everything so I could start with full force from April. Daily posts on Instagram & FB and weekly videos on YouTube.

Now the focus will be switched more on building an income to survive this “unexpected” yet “welcome” situation and come out much stronger at another end.

I’m also planning to bring as many as I can with me. I’m going to build a strong team so we could work together towards financial freedom. So stay tuned for those updates, if you are interested in working with me.

Focus On Solutions And Not Problems

And getting back to the beginning of this post. 

It does not matter how hard you were hit, what matters, is what you do after you have been hit. Will you give up and lay in the mud, or you choose to stand up no matter what and use everything in your power to make the most out of this situation.

The choice is yours!

I could have easily said. “F… it!”, and, for example, start playing video games for the rest of the “vacation” and curse everyone and everything for my situation. 

I will not go down on that path. I will take full responsibility for my life and use this situation to my advantage.

The power of CHOICE!

Whenever you face obstacles or you are being knocked down by life, take a moment and find out how you can make the most out of this.

Focus on solutions and not problems!

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We have only one life, so why not use it to the fullest.

Take care and be extraordinary my friends!

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