Daily TIP – “Be Ready To Let Go If You Want Something New” (Missing Step During Manifestation)


Do you feel like your manifestation is not working? It seems like you are doing everything right but you are not receiving what you are asking for. And sometimes it feels that things are going even worse.

If that’s the case, you may be missing the last important step in your manifestation process.

Watch the video and you will find what this step is and how this missing piece is not letting you fulfill your dreams.

Enjoy the video!

You can read the script in case you cannot watch the video. The text is below the video.


There can be a reason why you are losing something.
If you are trying to manifest something new into your life, be ready that you will lose something else before that. The universe is just making space for the new thing to come into your life.

If your cup is already full the universe cannot pour anything new into that. So, for the new things to be manifested into your life, be ready to empty your cup first.

Usually, when we start to lose something, we tend to grab onto it and will not want to let go because we are scared of what will happen if we lose that thing. And it can be anything, an object a person, a job, anything that will make us uncomfortable, unhappy or insecure.

But this will give the signal to the universe that you still want that thing. And what will happen is that the package (your manifestation) which was already knocking on your door had to be sent back because there was no room in your house.

Your manifestation was already at your doorstep but you failed with the last step. You had done all the previous manifestation steps right and you were supposed to get the package already but by attaching to your old thing, you missed the chance to receive the packages.

So, don’t make this mistake. When you try to manifest something to your life but it seems you start to lose something instead. Know that your manifestation is actually on its way and the universe is just making space for your manifestation.

So be aware of such things and let the universe do its magic. You will never know how the manifestation is delivered to you so be open for any change in your life, including things which seem negative at first. Your little ego-mind can never grasp all the possible ways. So, trust the universe and know that everything has its purpose.


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