I’m On A Roller Coaster Ride – “Life Unfiltered” Ep. 9


Last month or two has been a roller coaster ride for me. One day I’m high and the next day I’m hitting the lowest point. What is happening to me? Am I pregnant or something, or am I going crazy?

In this video, I try to elaborate on it a little.

Enjoy the video!

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Hey, hey, welcome to Journey to Freedom’s “Life Unfiltered” series. My name is Armin and I’m inspiring people by sharing my own journey of becoming the best possible version of myself and creating the life I have been dreaming of.

In “Life Unfiltered” series I’m sharing my own journey in its unpolished form, with all of its ups and downs and achievements and failures.

In this episode of “Life Unfiltered” I want to share with you an interesting experience or shift I’m going through at the moment. And I will also explain why it might be happening. But first, the experience itself.

Am I Going Crazy?

I’m experiencing pretty weird stuff lately. One day I’m feeling amazing and energized. Another day I’m feeling completely down and depleted.

It seems like I’m living two different lives or I’m experiencing the experience of two different people. Seems a little schizophrenic, doesn’t it? 😉

One day, when I feel fully energized, my mood is very high and everything around me seems so beautiful.

When I’m stepping outside, I’m taking a big inhale and feeling happy to be alive. I’m walking around and just looking at things with a big smile on my face.

And in my training, when I see people doing their stuff, I feel just so happy inside. Seeing those tired faces of those who have given their all and left everything on the mat, I cannot help it, I just share a big smile with them.

On those high days, I’m full of inspiration and fully motivated and I have no problem to go to work and enjoy myself there.

I’m Getting Irritated By Everything

On other days though, my energy levels and mood are so low, I find everything disturbing. Somebody does this, or somebody says that and I just get irritated by it. On those days I do not want to talk to anybody and I can be quite strict and cruel with my words.

I have no motivation to do anything and I hate going to work, I would rather stay home and do something else.

I can be at one end of the spectrum for a couple of days and then suddenly at another end for no particular reason. And in some days, it can switch during the day even. I’m starting my day on the high end and for some tiny reason, I can just fall to the other end.

It’s not always like +100 and then suddenly -100, I’m hovering somewhere in between most of the time but it is still fluctuating up and down heavily.

Why It Is Happening To Me?

So, what is happening with me why this constant energy and mood change, am I starting to go crazy?

There can be two reasons. At least I believe that those are the reasons.

One can be because of my 100 days No Fap challenge. This is probably messing with my energies a lot. I have fallen off few times with this challenge and every time I’m falling off, I feel a little change in my energies. Maybe it is just a placebo, who knows.

Shift In Consciousness?

The second reason can be the shift in consciousness. We are living in an era where the whole Earth is going through a shift. The pace at which people are waking up today has increased so fast and there are so many people who are going through the same kind of experience.

And by waking up, I mean people who are starting to realize that there is something more than what meets the eye. We are all part of a bigger game and in our source, we are all connected. But I do not want to go too deep into this topic. Let’s leave the discussion of this topic to another video 🙂

But because of this shift, everything that we have been hiding and suppressed is starting to come to the surface. Everything that we have been imprisoning in our subconscious mind, is starting to break free. And this process is called purging

You can find yourself exploding and hurting people around you just for no particular reason and you have no idea what has got into you. If you have experienced this kind of behavior lately, then welcome to the club and know that you are not alone.

Some may experience this purging physically even. In some cases, people will start to have weird pains for no reason and sometimes their energies are just jumping up and down. Which is happening with me for example.

How To Get Through This “Shit”?

So how do you deal with it, if you are also going through this kind of process?

First, know that it is absolutely normal and there is nothing wrong with you. Even vice versa, you are getting rid of low vibrational energies which are holding you back. So, by going through this process, you are increasing your vibration and moving towards your true being and true Self. So yes, know that it is absolutely normal and you are not alone in this. Pat yourself to the shoulder that you are experiencing this weird shit because you will come out as a better human being at the end.

Let Go!

Second, don’t try to resist the process. Don’t try to stop those negative emotions but be also careful that you are not hurting your loved ones during the process.

Yes, I know, it’s paradoxical. Let those emotions out but at the same time watch out that you are not hurting anybody. Like with many things in life, nothing is just black and white, you always have to find the correct balance in between.

So those can be the two reasons I’m on a rollercoaster ride at the moment. But most important for me is not to resist it and let the process happen. The more I let go, the faster it will pass.

“I’m Sorry!”

And please, if someday I can just say something very offensive which can hurt you, then I apologize and I hope you can understand why I have said or done something like that. There is nothing personal and don’t feel offended by my actions 🙂

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So, thank you for watching and I hope to see you in my next video,

Take care, peace and much love to you all,


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