I Cried Like A Baby – “Life Unfiltered” Ep.6


I haven’t cried like this for a very long time. And no, nothing bad happened. They were more of tears of joy and relief than sorrow and pain.

So, in this video, I would like to share with you an experience I had during one of the guided meditations.

Enjoy the video!

You can read the script in case you cannot watch the video. The text is below the video.

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Eric Ho’s guided meditation


Hey, hey, welcome to Journey to Freedom’s “Life Unfiltered” series. My name is Armin and I’m inspiring people by sharing my own journey of becoming the best possible version of myself and creating the life I have been dreaming of.

In “Life Unfiltered” series I’m sharing my own journey in its unpolished form, with all of its ups and downs and achievements and failures.

In this episode of “Life Unfiltered” I want to share with you an experience that was triggered by one of the guided meditations.

I have been following a guy named Eric Ho who is covering topics from Law Of Attraction to how to build a business. He is sharing guided meditations on his channel regularly too.

Let Go Of Your Past

This specific meditation I’m going to talk about in today’s video is about letting go of some past event and then using a powerful visualization to manifest the life you want.

I have done many similar meditations in the past but this was one of the most powerful ones I have ever done. At least emotionally. It is partly because of the visualization process in this meditation but also because of the background song that was playing during the meditation.

So here is the experience.

After some deep breaths and coming to this moment, Eric wanted us to think of something that we would like to let go. It can be a situation or a person. Anything that brings up negative emotions. We had to experience it like it is happening right now. And feel the emotions like it is happening right now.

I started to surf in my mind to find something that I would like to let go off.

But as I have come to the state where there is not much to forgive to anyone in my past. I have come to an understanding that we all are doing what is best for us at any specific moment. At least what our ego thinks is the best, so I cannot judge anyone if they have harmed me anyway. I do not know what was the actual reason behind their actions so who am I to judge it.

Because of that, there is not much for me to let go. And all similar meditations in the past that I have done, I have experienced the same thing. “Hmm, what is in my life that I really would like to let go?” And there hasn’t been anything major. Just some small things that do not have a strong emotional bond attached to them.

The Biggest โ€œThingโ€ I Want To Let Go Of

After surfing in my head for a little to find a good situation or a person that I would like to let go, I suddenly found the biggest thing I would like to let go.

It is me; It is the past me.

There is so much that I would like to let go. So many bad habits and so many personal characteristics. Few of which I have covered in my last videos and mainly in the video “I hate my body”

This meditation though, happened way before I created that video. And that video was partly made because I had this experience I’m sharing in today’s video. This experience pushed me towards wanting to make a change in my life and eventually creating the last challenge: “Building New Habits”.

So there I was thinking about all the things I would like to let go so I can really build a new version of me. I brought up all those bad behavior patterns that I don’t like to have as a part of me.

Wasting My Time On A Random Shit

What stood out from the rest was me eating cookies in front of my PC and wasting my time on a random shit on the internet. This memory stood out the most probably because it was one of the recent ones and I hadn’t done it only once. Every week I had at least one such day. And the last one was just a day before the meditation. So the experience was so clear in my mind and I really felt that I would like to let go of those things and start from a clean sheet.

Then Eric continued with the guidance: “When you have it fully in your mind and you are experiencing it like it is happening right now, say thank you to this situation. “Thank you for the experience. Thank you for the challenges, thank you for the pain, thank you for the teachings.””

When I said those things, they came from my heart and I started to feel emotional immediately.

Thank You, I Forgive You, I Love You!

Then Eric continued: “And finally, say: “I forgive you. I forgive you for everything that happened. I will forgive the whole situation. I will give total forgiveness.””

I had so clear picture of me sitting in front of my PC and eating cookies. And once those last words came out, I started to cry.

Eric continued: “Look at this situation or what is left from this situation and say: “I love you””

“I love you for everything you taught me. I love you for allowing me to experience this.ย  I love you for being part of my life. I love you.”

Tears were flowing down from my cheeks. I felt peace and relief that I can leave all those bad behavior patterns behind and start a new life from the clean sheet.

Then we had to visualize a dial from 1 to 10. Then see what was left from the situation. We had to start from 10 and with every number towards 1, we had to visualize the picture of the situation fading away slowly.

Before reaching to number 1, Eric said: “Repeat after me: “Thank You! I Forgive You! … and I love You!””

And with the last shift on the dial, we had to allow this memory, though, a feeling peacefully fade away.

I saw myself sitting in front of my PC and then this picture turned into dust and was blown away by the calm breeze. I experienced it like a goodbye to a loved one when you send them to their last journey. And this thought brought even more tears and I started to cry like I haven’t done for a very long time.

I Saw My Kids Running Around, Smiling And Shouting From Joy

Then we moved to the last part of the meditation where we had to visualize our biggest manifestation.

“Bring it clearly into your mind as if it is happening right now”, were Eric’s words. “If you could be anywhere, be there, be there right now”.

I imagined a house in the countryside and I was sitting on the terrace and enjoying the morning sun.

“If you could be with anyone, be there with them. How would you act, what you would say? What would you be experiencing exactly?”

I imagined my kids playing with water in our garden, they really like summer and water. They were running around, smiling and shouting from joy.

Eric continued: “Feel it, feel the emotions, feel the love, feel the gratitude. Allow yourself to feel all those emotions, amplify those emotions and let yourself be free.”

Imagining my kids playing in joy and feeling the emotions of love and gratitude I burst to even more tears. Those were the tears of love, joy, and happiness. I had a big smile on my face while crying at the same time.

Eventually, the meditation ended.

Building The New Version Of Myself

After the meditation, I felt really good and I was very motivated to start my new life. But when the weekend arrived, everything started to fall apart again. If you have seen my previous videos, you know what I’m talking about ๐Ÿ˜‰ If not, basically I started to fall back to my old version.

I decided to use this meditation every Monday to get myself on track again. It helped, but not enough. That’s why I decided to create the challenge “Building New Habits” eventually. So I could really stick to the ideal plan I have for myself. And the rest is already a history ๐Ÿ™‚

If you want to know how this challenge goes, you are welcome to join the “Journey to Freedom” forum. The link is in the video description.

So this was the experience I wanted to share with you. And to show how powerful tool a meditation can be for healing your past. If you would like to try this meditation yourself, again you can find the link in the video description.

But that’s all for today’s video. Thank you for watching and till next time when I’m sharing more experiences on my way of becoming the best possible version of myself and creating the life I have been dreaming of. So hope to see you then.

Take care, peace and much love to you all.

Bye, bye!


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