My Daily Routine To Create The Life Of My Dreams – “Life Unfiltered” episode 3


What is my exact daily routine to create the life I’m dreaming of?

In this video, I’m going to share my daily practice, what I’m exactly doing to achieve my dream life. I will also share two bonus techniques or ideas which can have a huge impact on your life if you implement them to your daily routine.


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Hey, hey! Welcome to Journey to Freedom channel, my name is Armin and I’m inspiring people by sharing my own journey of becoming the best possible version of myself and creating the life I have been dreaming of.

In “Life Unfiltered” series, I’m sharing my own journey in its unpolished form without making things look better as they are and without hiding any secrets from you.

In this episode of Life Unfiltered, I’m going to share my daily routine to become the best possible version of myself. So, what I’m doing exactly to create my dream life. As I have so many things to cover and I don’t want this video to be too long, I cover my daily routine just briefly and in my future videos, I will explain everything in more details.

Become A Level 10 Yourself To Have A Level 10 Life

You cannot have your dream life by doing the things you are doing now. If you continue doing the things you have done until today, don’t expect to create any significant change in your life. And there is a good quote from Albert Einstein: “Insanity Is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results”.

You have to become the version of you who has all the personal characteristics to live the life you desire. You have to become the best version of yourself.

Just recently, I watched a video where the guy who was being interviewed explained this situation perfectly. If you want to have a level 10 success, level 10 health, level 10 relationship, etc. but you are at level 4 currently with your thoughts, beliefs, and actions. There is no way you can achieve level 10 in any of the named categories.

So first you have to become level 10 yourself and then you will start to attract level 10 circumstances to your life. In short, you have to become the best possible version of yourself and to do that you have to start thinking and acting like the best version of you and most importantly you have to have beliefs of the best version of you.

You are just wasting your energy trying to create your dream life by thinking and acting if you are not actually believing that it is possible. And there is a saying: “Your beliefs are creating your reality”. So, you have to change your mindset to attract the life you want.

And in today’s episode, I’m sharing my daily routine, what I’m exactly doing to build a level 10 me 🙂

This is the ideal daily plan that I try to follow but I’m falling short with some things constantly. In future episodes, I will cover how I’m failing in some areas of the plan and what I’m going to do to stick to the plan.

But without further ado, here is my daily plan of becoming the best possible version of myself.

My Special Morning Routine

I’m waking up between 6 to 6:40 am. Currently, I’m using an app called Sleep, to track my sleep and it also has a function that wakes you up when a sleeping cycle ends. So, it would be much more pleasant to wake up because it won’t wake you up in the middle of the sleeping cycle when you are most asleep. With this schedule, I’m getting about 7,5 hours of sleep during the night.

After waking up. I do my special morning routine which consists 30 to 50 minutes of meditation, Wim Hof breathing technique, my own special morning exercise and gold shower at the end.

Meditation is the thing that I’m doing every single day, no matter the place or time. In June, I’m hitting 1000 days without skipping a single day.

All other things I’m doing on most of the days of the week. I’m starting the week very well but falling off at weekends. This will change soon though 🙂

I would like to add one more thing to the morning routine and that is affirmations. I will add it to my morning routine when I have finished the list of words I want to use. After the list is done, I’m going to do affirmations first thing in the morning and then the meditation.

I’m ending my morning routine with a glass of warm water with half a lemon squeezed into it and a tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar added to it. Drinking it with the empty stomach helps the digestion system.  With that my special morning routine ends and I’m going to work on my PC for a little.

Ritual Before Eating

At 9:00, I’m making a smoothie or eating couple of fruits and some nuts. If I have to go to work, I’m taking those fruits because I have my real breakfast earlier and when I do not have to go to work, I’m making a smoothie.

After that, I work on my PC again and I’m doing it until I have my “real” breakfast. Most of the days I’m making porridge and boil an egg or two.

And I have a special ritual during my breakfast and during all the other meals that I’m having at home.

First, after everything is done and I’m ready to eat, I but a timer for 60 seconds. During that one minute, I’m trying to grasp all smells that are coming out from my meal. I also imagine how it would taste exactly. For that, I’m taking my porridge with a spoon and by looking at it, I imagine of putting it to my mouth and trying to feel all those various flavors.

If the timer runs out, I do a very short prayer to the universe where I thank the universe for that delicious and beneficial meal. After the prayer, I wish myself bon appetite and will start to eat.

This is what I’m doing with all of my meals at home and I’m doing it together with my kids too. Sometimes when I start to forget the routine, my kids will remind me: ” Hey daddy we forgot to set the timer!”.

So, this is my way to teach kids early on to be in the moment end experience the reality through all of our senses.

I’m trying to follow this routine when I’m eating outside too but I seem to forget it. But recently I added another routine to my day that helps me to remember it even if I’m out. And this is one of those special techniques I mentioned in the beginning but I will get to that new routine a little later.

Reading the “20 Commandments”

In addition to already mentioned eating ritual, I’m also reading my 20 commandments during breakfast. I’m going over all the rules one by one by saying them all out loud. With every rule, I also try to analyze have I followed the rule yesterday and am I doing something today according to those rules.

You can find my 20 daily rules in my blog, the link is in the video description.

After breakfast, I continue with my day, either going to work or continue working on my PC.

No PC & No Eating In The Evening

In the evening I have another routine or ritual that I’m trying to follow every single day.

First, when I arrive home from my work which usually happens 10:20 pm, I do not allow myself to go to PC because of the blue light that is emanating from the screen. This light is messing with our sleeping rhythm as it gives the brain a false signal of bright daylight.

I’m also limiting the screen time on my phone too by trying to finish everything before I arrive home. Luckily, I have a reading mode on my phone that sets the screen tone more yellowish.

As I’m also following an intermittent fasting diet, I’m not eating after 5 pm.

Analyzing The Progress

At home, before I go to bed, I do some yoga or stretching, then meditate a little and lastly, I write to my journal.

Every night before going to sleep. At least most of the nights as I said at the beginning that this is the ideal plan for my day. So, before going to bed, I’m analyzing my day and writing down things that I did well during the day. Then I will also write down things that I’m not happy about and things that I should have made better. Finally, I will write down things I’m grateful for and those can be from that same day or any other thing I appreciate in my life. This gives me a good overview of the progress how I’m doing in my journey of becoming the best possible version of myself.

After writing to my diary, I lay down to my bed and visualize how I’m waking up the next day fully energized and refreshed. Your mind is really powerful and by just visualizing things you can increase the chances of experiencing what you have visualized.

Very Powerful Special Techniques

And now those two special techniques or daily routines that are playing a huge role in creating the life you are dreaming of.

The first is probably the most crucial habit anyone can have if they want to change themselves and with what I’m probably having the hardest time.

In my video: “I have done it all wrong – The KEY to manifestation”, I explained how I’m trying to think and act like the best possible version of me would think and act in any situation I’m facing in life.

If I’m able to act exactly like my preferred self would act in any situation, it would be just a matter of time when I would become that version myself. But … but I’m falling short with it quite a lot.

My awareness is still not high enough so I could implement this idea fully and most of the time I’m still reacting like my current version instead of responding with full awareness and the way my best version would respond.

Although my current version is not anymore the version I was, let’s say 6 months ago. I’m seeing the progress of becoming the best version of myself, the process is slow but still, the process is there.

Intention With A Visualization Is Key To Change

The second habit or routine that I added to my everyday life just a week ago and which goes very well with the previous habit of acting the way your best version would act.  And I got this idea from a friend of mine. By trying to create your dream life you should always visualize every task or act going as you would want it to go. This way you would increase the chances of things going in the way you want.

This process is called segment intending. Every small task that you will have, you will visualize doing it in your preferred way and enjoying the process of doing the task and also seeing the result and emotions you experience once the task is done.

This can be used in anything you do in your daily life. Eating, washing the dishes, taking a shower, solving a problem at work, meditating, exercising, you name it 🙂

Writing Down Intentions Will Build A Strong Habit

The problem with that was, that I forgot it most of the time. But the idea that I got from a friend is to write down how you imagine your task is going to unfold. So now I have a small notebook with me everywhere I go and I’m constantly writing there before any task I have in front of me.

So, actually, the first thing in the morning is that I write how my meditation will go before I start to actually meditate. And I’m doing it with all of my morning routines and also with my daily work.

Sometimes I’m still forgetting to write to my notebook but it happens less and less. Every day I’m writing more and more because I remember to write more and more. And of course, before shooting this video, I also wrote down how well and smooth this shooting goes and that I’m enjoying the process despite if I mess up with some things.

Those last two daily routines will make a huge change in your life if you add them to your daily routine. Writing down how you imagine things are going, you can program yourself to behave how you actually would like to behave so how your preferred self would behave in a situation you are going to go into in a moment.

With writing to my notebook, I have become much more aware of my reactions and behaviors and it is much easier to program myself to act the way the level 10 version of me would act.

So, this is how my daily life looks like. And as I mentioned, this is the ideal day and I hope to get to the point where every day is my ideal day. To make it happen, I have another challenge coming up, but this is the topic of another video.

Thank you for watching and I hope you got some value out of this video. Try some of my daily routines and practices yourself and you will see that your life starts to change too.

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Take care and I hope to see you in the next video.
Peace and much love to you all.


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