Life Unfiltered: Episode ZERO – Another “The Beginning”


This is the first video in the video series “Life Unfiltered”. In this video, I’m going to share what this series is all about and how it can benefit you to have a better life experience.

A video that I created many weeks ago but because I had other, more time-sensitive videos, I had to create/upload those first.


You can read the script in case you cannot watch the video. The text is below the video.


Hey, hey, welcome to Journey to Freedom’s “Life Unfiltered” series. My name is Armin and I’m helping you to become a better human being and live a happy and joyful life by becoming free from the limiting beliefs created by your mind.

In “Life Unfiltered” series I’m sharing my own journey of becoming the best possible version of myself and creating the life I have been dreaming of.

Like the name of the series already states, I’m not filtering anything. I’m not making things look better as they are, I’m sharing everything in their unpolished form. That includes all my ups and downs, all my achievements and failures and all is being shared in their purest form.

Why We Do Not Like To Share Our Failures?

Usually, people don’t like to share their bad days and failures. We all want others to see how fulfilled and happy our life is but at the same time we feel empty inside. Why is that, why we like to show our achievements but not our failures? There can be many reasons for that.

Who would want to show that they have failed, that they have been wrong in making their decisions? People don’t want to admit that they have been wrong and made a mistake even to themselves. So why the heck they are going to admit it to others?

Who would want to show that their life is worse than their friend’s, neighbor’s, co-worker’s or any other person’s they are connected to? Their ego doesn’t let them show themselves inferior to others.

Of course, there are those who like to show their downfalls and failures. Those who have the so-called victim mindset. They are the ones who like to complain and show how cruel the life can be to them.

Or maybe, maybe people may not want to show themselves as someone with a victim mentality who likes to complain about how bad the situation is.

Or maybe they don’t share their downfalls because they don’t want that pity which is felt by others.

There are also those who will exploit your weaknesses whenever they see a chance for that. And that is also one of the reasons people don’t share their failures and downfalls.

There Is Always A Dark Side In Someone’s Life

There can be many reasons why you are not seeing the dark side of someone’s life. But the truth is, there is always a dark side or in other words a shadow side. No matter how beautiful it may seem to the outside world, there is always darkness hidden somewhere inside.

This is also one of the reasons people are not happy with themselves and with their lives. They are seeing all those fake masks worn by others. Masks that hide the true identity. Masks that we all are wearing to disguise our real life.

Because of those fake masks, many are feeling bad and disappointed with their lives. Because look at others, they don’t have problems like I have, they are not facing difficulties I have to face. Their life is full of celebration and happiness but I have to struggle with my everyday problems.

Seeing Is Not Always Believing

Don’t believe everything that you see. Because you cannot see what is actually under the surface. They may have problems you cannot even imagine but as they are not sharing them, it’s invisible to foreigner’s eye.

That is why I’m sharing my journey in its purest and rawest form so you could see that we all have our bad days and failures. I have also been wearing the mask like most are doing. Not anymore. I’m sharing my journey like it is. So, you could see that we all fail, that we all fall off from the track and procrastinate, we all have our bad days.

This should take some pressure off from your shoulders a little because you see that it is actually ok to make mistakes. It is actually ok to get angry and frustrated. No need to punish yourself because of that πŸ™‚

Just a couple of days ago before shooting this video. I watched a video from YouTube influencers who are helping people to build their YouTube channel. They have been making videos for 10 years already.
In that specific video, they showed how they are making videos for YouTube, and they are messing up a lot. And I mean a lot. So, if even pros like they, are messing up with words, who am I, do punish myself because I mess up so much.

Unreal Expectations

The last video I made “The New Beginning”, I made it for 4 days because I wasn’t happy how it went by messing up with words. So, I made it again and again and again. I was already angry at myself. How I cannot get it like I want it to be? Why I’m messing up so much?

After seeing that video from YouTube influencers, a weight dropped off from my shoulders. If pros are messing up, so can I and I cannot be hard on myself because of that.

This is a good example of how things are not as they seem and how our expectations are too high because of that. I thought those guys are real pros and they can create videos like it’s nothing to them.

So, again, that is why I’m sharing my journey exactly as it is, without holding anything to myself. You will see exactly what I’m doing to achieve my dreams and that includes also the obstacles and mental challenges I’m facing on the road.

Benefit Of Following My Journey

By following my journey, you can also improve your life quality a lot. You can see what ideas and techniques are working best for me on the way to my dreams so you can implement those into your life too. You will also see what challenges you may face and how to overcome them.

In overall, you are seeing my step by step formula to the life I desire. And if you use the same formula, you are guaranteed to improve your life for sure. You can take my word for that πŸ™‚ But only if you implement the ideas and techniques.

It won’t help if you just watch videos and not take any action. You won’t get far like that. You may get a better life a little but don’t hope for a major change in your life to happen by just watching and not taking action. And I don’t mean only physical action, even mental action is action. And actually, mental action is even more important than the physical, because everything starts from the mind. Change your mind and you will change your life.

I will end this post with a quote:

β€œThe distance between your dream and reality is called action”

Are you willing to take the action needed to make a change in your life? Are you willing to put in the work needed to achieve your dreams? I’m giving you the tools, your job is to start using them.

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My plan is to shoot at least one video a week, hopefully even more.

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Thank you for your time reading this post till the end and I hope to see you back in my channel soon.
Peace and love to you all.


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