100 Days NOFAP Challenge – 35 Days In


35 days into the challenge and I’m experiencing a benefit which I wasn’t even expecting. So In this video, I’m going to give a little overview of how this interesting and unusual challenge is going.


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Hey, hey, welcome to Journey to Freedom’s channel. My name is Armin and I’m helping you to live a happy and joyful life by becoming free from the limiting beliefs created by your mind.

The main topic of this channel is to share my own journey of becoming the best possible version of myself and creating the life I have been dreaming of. I’m sharing my journey in its unpolished form without making things look better as they are and without hiding any secrets from you.

I like to challenge myself constantly so I could know my limits and realize my full potential. Or to make life just more fun.

35 Days In

It is 35th day in 100 days NOFAP challenge. So, I’m just a little over one third through the challenge and it is good time for feedback. How this challenge is going, how hard it is and have I noticed any benefits already.

I will also mention a few things that I forgot to mention in the challenge introduction video.

If you don’t know what NOFAP means, basically it is a name of the movement of men who are staying away from masturbation. But I wanted to make it even more extreme. I decided to stop from ejecting my sperm completely. It doesn’t mean I cannot have sex, I can, but I have to watch out that I’m not crossing that finish line.

If you would like to know why I’m doing it and what benefits it has and yes, it has many, many benefits. Please watch the first video of this challenge, called “The beginning”.

One Of The “Whys”

What I forgot to mention in that first video, is one of the reasons I wanted to do this challenge. I feel stuck in my spiritual journey, especially energetically. I feel like I cannot get to that next level. So I’m trying all sort of things to move to the higher level. And as NOFAP and especially retaining semen should get your energies going, it’s no brainer that this was also something that I had to try out too.

And one more thing before I start to talk about my current experience with this challenge. If you want to try it yourself too and if you have a partner, please let her now, so she knows why you are not finishing like you should. So it’s not her problem that you cannot get to orgasm. And actually, this challenge will benefit your partner too but I will get to that in a moment.

The Surprising Change After 35 Days

Now to the experience. What change I have felt and what benefit I have got during the first 35 days.

First, change that I wasn’t expecting. Although I mentioned it in my first video that I will hit two birds with this challenge, the challenge itself and also the challenge to talk about it openly.

I’m not feeling that uncomfortable anymore talking about masturbation and sex. And as this has been one of my most unpleasant topics in the past, it is a huge step forward. And one of the reasons I feel more comfortable talking about such thing is that I realized that other men are facing the same thing.

During my teenage years, I thought what is wrong with me that I cannot stay away from masturbation and because I thought this is something that other boys are not doing, I didn’t feel good about it and I was so afraid that someone will catch me in the middle of it. And this thought, fear, and very unpleasant feeling talking about it, stayed with me till today.

Now, realizing that I’m not actually that different from others around me, it’s like a rock has fallen from my shoulders. I can discuss and talk about such topic not feeling uncomfortable anymore.

Have There Been Other Benefits?

So, this has been the biggest and, in some way, surprising change. But what other benefits have I noticed, if there are any? And yes, there are.

Despite my current daily schedule where I can’t sleep much during the night as I have a big project to work on and it takes all of my free time at the moment.Β 

Plus, before this crazy schedule, I took at least a few hours break between staring the PC screen and sleep. If you are staring so-called blue light before the bed, it takes your brain much more time to get into the resting mode. Now I’m working until the night with my PC and going straight to bed after that.

Despite that, I’m getting just 6 to 7 hours a sleep at night and I’m not taking any break between staring my PC screen and going to bed, I feel much fresher than before the challenge. It’s much easier to get out from the bed as I don’t feel so tired. My eyes are feeling a little heavy sometimes but the difference is really noticeable. This is one big change that I have noticed.

No Need For Daily Power Nap

Second is that I don’t need to make my daily nap anymore. Before the challenge, I got so tired during the day that I had to make a short nap to be able to function close to 100%. Now, even if I cannot get proper sleep during the night, I can still get through the day without refreshing my brain with a power nap. And the feeling of tiredness is also a little different. Before it was more like my brain got tired, now it is more like my eyes are getting heavy.

I also feel little bit more motivated to do things, It’s just a minor change that I feel, but still, it is something. So yes, this challenge is already showing many benefits.

Is It Hard To Stick With The Challenge?

But is it hard? Is it hard to stick to the rules and keep away from masturbation and ejaculation? And actually, it’s much easier than I first thought it would be.

Like I mentioned in the first video, I have really struggled to keep my sperm in me for over a week. So I thought this challenge would be one of the hardest I have ever done. But right now, at least after 35 days, it’s easy peasy πŸ™‚

Staying away from masturbation is easier than keeping the sperm during sex. When I’m making love with my partner, it’s not so easy to stick with the plan. And as I know I cannot finish, it somehow makes reaching that point of no return much easier. So I have to be really careful and mindful and stop whenever I feel that now it’s starting to go too far πŸ™‚

And of course, there are days, when I’m alone I get the feeling like satisfying myself, but then I say. No, I have a challenge and next moment, the urge is gone. This is how powerful the social pressure can be πŸ™‚

Your Partner Will Also Love This Challenge πŸ™‚

But now the benefit that this challenge will bring to your partner. As you cannot finish yourself, you are thinking more about pleasing your partner. Which of course makes your partner happy.

And the second thing is, when men ejaculate, they lose interest in sex for some time. But without crossing the finish line, the appetite for sex stays and when your partner feels like making love, you will happily accept that offer.

So, in the end, everyone will win. You will feel much better and your partner is more satisfied. There is one side effect though. I have started to see quite interesting dreams. I will not go into details what I’m seeing exactly but yes, they are quite “interesting” πŸ˜‰

More To Come?

I’m eagerly waiting for that 2nd month to end, where the peak experience should come. Already now I’m feeling the difference, so what will I feel then? This is the question to which we will get an answer very soon.

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Take care, peace and much love to you all πŸ˜€

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