100 Days NOFAP Challenge – The beginning


It’s time for a new challenge. This new challenge will probably be the hardest challenge I have ever done.

Watch the video where I explain what this challenge is exactly and why I’m doing it.

You can also read the script in case you cannot watch the video. The text is below the video.

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NB! I forgot to mention one thing in the video. I feel stuck in my spiritual journey, especially regarding energies and I’m willing to try anything to get to the next level. This challenge is also one of those things that I hope will help me to achieve another level.


Hey, hey, welcome to Journey to Freedom channel. My name is Armin and I’m helping you to become a better human being and live a happy and joyful life by becoming free from the limiting beliefs created by your mind.

The main topic of this channel is to share my own journey to the Ultimate Freedom. I’m sharing my journey in its unpolished form without making things look better as they are and without hiding any secrets from you.

I like to challenge myself constantly so I could know my limits and realize my full potential. Or to make life just more fun. Depends on the challenge.

This challenge goes more into the category of knowing your limits and realizing your full potential.

Social Conditioning

Before I talk about the challenge, I have to warn you, this topic can be rated as mature content, so if you have kids around you, you may want them to leave or you may want to find yourself a more private place 🙂

Like I mentioned at the beginning that my journey is being shared in its unpolished form. So, I will not hold anything back. I will share everything as it is.

Unfortunately, we are living in a society where sex is a taboo and we are growing up almost without any education about sex and everything related to that. Our children have to find out almost everything themselves, if we, parents are not educating them ourselves.

As our society has made sex a taboo, we are not feeling pleasant talking about it. And this topic is also something very private that should not be discussed with people outside your family and close friends.

We don’t feel weird sharing what we eat for breakfast with everyone but we feel weird even talking about sex with our partner.

I have been raised in a family where there was zero discussion about sex and till today, I feel very uncomfortable talking about it with my partner. I really have to push myself out of the comfort zone to start any discussion about it. But it should be that way. Sex is a part of life so why we should push conversations about it into the darkest corner.

But let’s imagine a different scenario. For that I want you to drop all your beliefs and social conditions for a second and imagine a society where eating is a very private and sacred thing and which should be done secretly and hidden from strangers.

And in that society sex is something which is done publicly. If you feel like making love, you just do it with your partner in a place you feel comfortable without worrying what others may think. Like you would step into a random restaurant when you feel hungry. Just imagine how life looks then. I know it’s hard to imagine a society where this is normal. But like I said, drop all your beliefs and social conditioning and try to still imagine it.

I hope I could make you think a little how our society is playing an enormous roll on how we live our daily life. What is allowed and what is not, what is normal and what is not. But who dictates the rules of being normal? And do we have to follow those rules blindly? I think not and this is actually what I call the ultimate freedom. When you are brave enough to think outside the box and create your own “normal” and live according to that.

Stepping Out From The Comfort Zone

To be honest, it’s so weird to talk about such topic actually. It wouldn’t even cross my mind 3…4 years ago before I started my so-called journey. Back in the day, I was even afraid to like FB posts and not even thinking about making my own post because I was so afraid of what my friends would think of my act.

And look at me now, talking about sex in a public YouTube channel. I should say, it has been quite a big change. And actually, I’m hitting 2 birds with this challenge. The main challenge itself but at the same time, get out of my comfort zone to talk about it all. Talking to the camera isn’t the hardest part. It’s actually quite interesting. But when I start to think of people who may watch this video, I’m getting quite big jitters. So, shooting this video is one thing but uploading it and sharing with you takes a lot of courage. 

The Challenge

But enough of the foreplay and let’s talk about the challenge itself.

The challenge is called 100 days no fap challenge. What no fap basically means, is I cannot masturbate or ejaculate for 100 days straight. It doesn’t mean I cannot have sex, I just have to retain my sperm. I can do whatever I or my partner wishes, I only have to watch out that I’m not crossing the finish line.

It may seem simple to someone but I can say, it will be hard. Why?


First, let me give you a little background. I have heard about no fap and its benefits for many times already. But a couple of weeks ago I stumbled on another video where one guy made the same challenge and it was actually his 3rd time to do it. There he covered all the benefits of no fap and also mentioned one thing which was true about me too.

He said, usually men will not recover from the last ejaculation for decades. Because one sperm cell takes actually about 2.5 months to develop fully and as most men are not keeping their sperm for over one week on average their body is constantly using energy to create new sperm cells. So, most men do not give their body rest from the teenage years to old man’s life when they have lost all their interest to sex.

I’m No different

With that, I realized I’m no different and no surprise that I lack energy and feel tired if I’m not giving my body any rest as it is constantly using its vital energy to developing sperm cells. And as reproduction capability is probably the most crucial thing in evolution your brain will put sperm creation as the highest priority for energy usage. No wonder that there isn’t much energy left to use it on secondary things.

This video was really an eye-opener for me and the idea to try this myself was immediately put to work. I have wanted to try this challenge from the time I first heard about it. But this video made me try it as fast as possible.

So actually, at the moment of shooting this video, I’m already in my third week with this challenge. And this is by far the longest I have ever been without ejaculation. What an achievement. LOL

In the past, I have tried to be without masturbation or sex for at least one week. But for long as I can remember I have been able to pass that 7-day mark maybe a couple of times only.

And because of my past experience and failures, I thought this challenge will be the hardest one I have ever created for myself. But the first two and half weeks haven’t been so hard actually. But let’s not celebrate it too early. I have still over 80 days to go.

Benefits Of NOFAP

But what benefits this no Fap thing has? According to those who have done it. In one month, you should start to feel the change. The mind goes more clear and you should start to have more energy overall. The peak should come between 60 to 80 days where you should feel completely different. You should feel fully energized and your mind should become sharp as an army knife.

Here is the full list of benefits from men who have participated in the NoFap movement.

  • More energy
  • Less depressed
  • More confidence
  • Happier
  • Less anxiety
  • Increased social skills
  • Highly motivated to succeed
  • Highly motivated to do more
  • Highly motivated to approach real women
  • Increased fat loss
  • Increased muscle growth
  • Improved workouts
  • Thicker skin
  • Increased hair growth
  • Less sleep required
  • Brighter eyes
  • Clearer skin
  • Improved body language
  • More alpha male behaviors
  • Increased attention from women
  • More respect from men
  • Improved memory
  • Removal of brain fog
  • Smarter
  • A cure to hair loss
  • Better sex
  • Stronger
  • High sex drive
  • Controlled aggression
  • Feelings of power
  • Improved relationship
  • Improved immunity
  • Increased stamina

But like with every experience, we are experiencing things differently so I have to wait to see what change do I feel.

So, this is the challenge and I’m going to do it for 100 days. At least I’m trying to do it 100 days straight 🙂 We will see how it goes.

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Take care and remember, the change starts out of your comfort zone.

Peace and much love to you all.



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