Happy New Year! Let’s start the year with a BANG


It is the official beginning of the Chinese New Year so Happy New Year to everybody!

I don’t know why the western world is celebrating the regular (Gregorian) new year while there is nothing happening on Earth or in the Solar System. The winter solstice is around Christmas but there is nothing happening on 31. of December or 1. of January. Only some random number which is created by humans is changing 🙂

So why not to celebrate the Chinese New Year instead. At that time, at least something is changing 🙂 The new year starts with the new Moon for example.

But let’s leave that discussion to another day and let’s get to the point why I created this post.

Like with every new year, people have made promises what new habits they want to build, what old habits they want to get rid off or in overall what they want to change or create during the new year. The statistics have shown that most new year promises will be broken within the first week already.
Not a good baseline to make your own promises for the new year 🙂

But still, against all odds, here are some of the things which I want to accomplish or do on the year of the pig.

Revive my blog 2freedom.eu

In the beginning, I was quite busy with the blog, making a new post with every week and sometimes even multiple posts in one week. In last year I have created just a few posts besides my challenges. So it is time to bring my blog with all of its content back to life.
I have one big idea which definitely can grow my blog bigger than before but I do not want to reveal the idea before I have managed to make it a reality. So you have to stay tuned for that 🙂

Go more professional with the YouTube

I have been building my financial freedom with full effort for 3 years now. During that time I have made many mistakes and I haven’t got much further with my financial situation. But I have learned a lot during that time plus I have built a strong foundation. I have many projects where I have invested my money and time and which have huge potential to go big and make me and my family financially free. The downside is that it takes time still. Skyway, for example, takes another whole year before it starts to bring some money in. First dividends should arrive at 2020.

The earliest breakthrough can happen with ADZbuzz and we don’t have to wait long anymore to find out will it happen 🙂 Buzzex, which is a cryptocurrency trading platform created by the ADZbuzz team should launch in March 2019. It is much superior with its features and benefits than any other crypto trading platform out there at the moment. The only question is, can the team and the community market it enough to break through. And this we will find out very soon.

When Buzzex succeeds, oh man, me and my family are set for life 😀 40% of Buzzex revenue will be used to buy ADZcoins from the market and distributed between different parties in ADZbuzz. Over the period of 3 years, I have built my ADZbuzz business and accumulated enough ADZcoins to spend the rest of my life without ever worrying about money 🙂

But back to the point 🙂
In case something happens and Buzzex won’t succeed, I have decided to use a backup plan. And that is to go more professional with the YouTube. I have many topics that I would like to share and many ideas on how to build the channel. The question is, do I have enough time to make it all a happen. If I only had 36 hours in a day 🙂 Topics will be revealed soon. Stay tuned for new content.

I have been contemplating what language should I use. Should I go with Estonian which is more natural or should I go with English where I’m still struggling to find correct words when I’m shooting a video so I have to make a script for a video first. This takes much more time of course. But the plus sign is, the potential to go big is much higher when I would use English.

The other idea was to write in English on my blog and shoot videos in Estonian on YouTube but this way the monetization will suffer. Because it’s much harder to go big with a blog than it is with YouTube. At least this is what I think. If Buzzex succeeds, then the monetization wouldn’t be any problem because ADZbuzz is a great way to monetize a site.

So, for now, I’m still going with the English. This is also a good chance to work on my speaking skills and English overall.

PS First steps have been done to start as a YouTuber. I have changed the cover photo into a more professional one 🙂 Now I need to get everything sorted on the channel and create an introduction video for new visitors.

I would appreciate if you help my YouTube channel to grow by subscribing to it. If you want to get notified with new uploads then don’t forget to hit that bell icon too.
Thank you! 😀

Continue working on becoming the best version of myself by building habits which I like to see as a natural part of me.

Here are some of the habits I would like to improve:

  1. Being more kind to people.
  2. Smiling more to strangers.
  3. Giving more compliments to people
  4. Not being afraid to offer help to elders
  5. Being more loving and caring to everyone, not just for family and friends
  6. Being more grateful for all the things and happenings, no matter how small they are
  7. Building a healthy lifestyle. I’m eating too many sweets, skipping too many workouts in the morning, cannot follow my eating schedule very well (intermittent fasting) and procrastinating too much.
  8. Thinking more about offering more value than getting something in return.
  9. Moving out from the comfort zone more which mostly refers to acting authentically and not caring what others think. In other words, put the Ego’s wellbeing on the line more 🙂
  10. Being a better father to my kids
  11. Being more present and aware when doing daily things
  12. And of course, follow my 20 commandments more 🙂

Here is a video I just created where I share the easy process how to build new habits

Read at least one book a month

This has been my Achilles heel for most of the time. My bookshelf has so many unread books already and the list that I want to read expands over multiple pages on my text document (I made a list of books which I want to read for sure). With reading one book a month it would take me 5 years to read them all. So even with 1 book a month I won’t be able to catch up with the list because more books are being added to the list too.
But If I can manage to read 1 book a month, it is already a start to build a good reading habit.

Meditate more

I have wanted to make longer meditation sessions (60+ minutes) and even had an idea to go somewhere for the whole weekend without any distractions and just be with myself and with my thoughts. And to make it even more challengable I should have no food during that time, just pure water. I think you can already guess that I haven’t been able to pull it through. So I will try to do it this year. The summer would be the best time for that.

This is basically the list I would like to get done during the year. Maybe I will list some material things which I want to accomplish this year too:

  1. Have a new 3-room apartment with open kitchen somewhere outside of the city.
  2. Buy a new car so I can go traveling around Estonia with my kids.
  3. Go hiking to Norway.

That’s it! Sorry for the long post 🙂 And not to make it even longer I will end it here.
Thanks for reading and if you would like to support my doings I would appreciate if you subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Thank YOU for your support and talk to you soon.


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