Challenge: “Under 100€ A Month” – Week Four


Read about the challenge here.

I’m quitting!

Yes, you heard me right, I’m quitting the challenge. Why?
Mainly because of my kids. It’s too hard to disappoint them and say “no” to so many things while I actually have resources to say “yes”.
And I’m not talking about buying them new toys or going out for lunch. Sometimes it’s just a small candy or sweet but mostly it is just a regular snack or some sort of meal they are used to have when they are at my place.

For example, if we go out and the time between two meals gets too long I have bought them both a curd cream. One piece of curd cream costs little over 1€.
Sometimes I’m buying it for the evening desert too. And on Friday evening I did exactly that. Then on Saturday, when we had a movie night, my little girl asked for mandarins. And how I can resist that if I actually have the money?

I also bought cream for the pasta to make it more creamy. My kids really love pasta like that 🙂 One package of cream costs 1.55€.
All those things do not fit into the weekly budget so I knew I will break the weekly limit. But why my kids would have to suffer because I’m trying a challenge? No, they don’t have to, so I accepted the idea that I will fail the challenge and let myself loose. I spent little over 32€ this week 🙂

And actually, even before the weekend, I knew I have to quit the challenge. I have run out of many things which I would not be able to buy if I want to stay inside my monthly budget. Stevia has almost run out and so is the Himalayan salt.

To be honest, even before that I have actually failed the challenge. On the second week, my little girl had a birthday and how can I explain to her: “No daddy cannot buy you a present this time because he is having some stupid challenge.” Plus I had to renew my Elementor (WordPress drag & drop plugin) subscription which was 25€.

So this challenge went like this. It didn’t even serve one of its purposes – To make the hard time (not having enough money to eat what I want) more playful. With the challenge, it was even harder to shop at the grocery. I had to constantly think: “I cannot buy this, I cannot buy that or I will break the weekly budget”.

But one thing I still learned 😀 I don’t have to buy all that fancy stuff actually – rice drink, raw buckwheat and some other expensive alternatives for the regular products. Plus I can save quite a lot if I leave them out from my shopping list 🙂

So in overall, I think I can get through the month with fewer expenses. I think about 30€ a week would be manageable (without unexpected expenditure). And that is 2 times less than I spent before 🙂 So it was actually a good idea to create this challenge. Despite the fact that I failed it, I got something helpful out of it from which one was that I had money left at the end of the month 🙂

Till the next challenge.

PS I have pretty big plans with my blog. I will not reveal anything yet so stay tuned for huge updates 🙂


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