Challenge: “Under 100€ A Month” – Week Three


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Week Three

3rd week is done!

As I have mentioned in my previous post, this week should come a little bit easier as I don’t have kids with me this week. And yes this week was easier. I could save enough during the week that I could buy ice cream and even 2 packs of cookies during the weekend 🙂 Oh yeah, party time! 😀

I could even buy a 2€ lottery ticket 🙂 I was shopping at the grocery store and my budget for that day was 10€. But as I managed to spend 7.56€ at the grocery and as it was a “Lottery Wednesday” (all main lottery drawings are on Wednesdays) I decided to buy a ticket for the evening drawing. Didn’t win though 😉


I wanted to keep my weekly budget under 20€ to expand the overall buffer a little and I was again so close to achieving it. My weekly expenses were 20.68€ so now I’m back in the monthly schedule. My overall expenses in 3 weeks are 69.34€. The budget for 3 weeks if the 100€ is divided evenly to all days, is 70€. So close, but still in the plus side 🙂

There isn’t much else to share this week. Maybe that I tried a new breakfast this week which I actually started to like a lot. I bought pearl-barley and made my morning porridge with it. I added some cinnamon and a lot of butter to it and … mmm… yummy 😀

And yes, one more thing. The 24h fasting was harder this week. Especially in the morning 20+ hours into to the fast when I made my morning exercises. I felt a little shaky which I didn’t feel in previous weeks when I made those exercises. So this was a little bit harder this week. Nothing major just felt a little weaker than usual.

That is all for this week. 1.5 weeks to go 🙂

I will end the post with the shopping list again.

tomato paste
Lottery ticket
8-grain flakes
sour cream
ice cream


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