Challenge: “Under 100€ A Month” – Week Two 2

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Week Two

The second week is done! Almost halfway 🙂

I got feedback that according to my last post I cannot eat almost anything. To reject this opinion I will share my last week’s shopping list in this post too.
But before that, let me cover how the week was. Like I wrote in my last post, I will not buy rice drink and raw buckwheat during the challenge anymore as they are too expensive. I was afraid that when I do my morning porridge with the water only, it will not taste so good. But little bit more stevia and some cocoa and it’s not that bad at all 🙂

Because I didn’t buy those expensive products I had more freedom to buy something else so this week I bought some tomatoes and cucumber too to make some salad next to the main dish 🙂

What I miss the most is the morning smoothie. Main components of my smoothie are spinach, blueberries, avocado, banana, pumpkin seeds, raw buckwheat, hemp protein and when I have more free money also spirulina powder. There are also some additional components which I sometimes add. Before the challenge, I started every morning with that smoothie but as it is too expensive I had to cut it out from my daily menu during the challenge.

Edit! Little “Universe” again 🙂 There are no coincidences in life, everything is a game of the universe and when something happens where the probability it to happen is very small we like to call it “Universe”, it is like the universe is doing its thing 🙂
After writing this post I visited Facebook, and the first thing I saw there, was this post that I posted exactly a year ago 😀


Now to the numbers. The total expenses for the last week were 28.15€. I wanted to keep the weekly expenses under 25€ and up till the last day I was on the schedule but then the fish food ran out and I had to purchase more of it for fish not to starve. So yet another week where I broke my weekly budget. In overall I’m also a bit over of the budget as I have spent 48.66€ in 14 days. If we divide 100€ equally on 30 days, in 14 days I should be under 47€.

Next week I’m fully alone, kids are not with me during the weekend so it should make it a little bit easier to stick to the budget. I have to say that the hardest part of the challenge is to disappoint my kids. For example, every Saturday we are participating in a “Let’s grow together” training class and usually, we are going to eat pancakes after that. But during this challenge, I have to say no when younger one asks “Are we going to eat pancakes now?” 🙁

To make it up to them, I have made pancakes myself every weekend and I should say they taste much better and kids are also liking them more 🙂
Just yesterday, we had so good pancakes that I felt I haven’t eaten so good pancakes ever before. There was a big smile on everyone faces when we ate them. Yummy! 😀

Let’s end this week’s report with that positive vibe 🙂

And as promised, here is the list of things I purchased during the week. I will add only names and not the quantity.
sour milk
condensed milk (for pancakes)
sour cream
8-grain flakes
sweet potato
trash bag


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2 thoughts on “Challenge: “Under 100€ A Month” – Week Two

    • Armin Post author

      Yes, that’s true and I have already taken note of it. So I can use that spare money to buy something else 🙂 Ice cream for example 😀