Challenge: “Under 100€ A Month” – Week One


Read about the challenge here.

Week one.

It’s harder than I thought 🙂 Especially when kids are at my place. I need to make their menu more variable and that means I have to purchase few extra things. Because of that I exceeded my weekly budget a little. I wanted to keep my weekly budget below 20€ but I spent 20.51€. So close! 😀

There are couple of things which are speeding up hitting the weekly limit. One is raw buckwheat (at least 4 times more expensive than the regular one. The second is some kind of alternative drink to milk, usually rice-based milk (2.5 times more expensive). I’m not consuming milk and my dairy intake is quite small overall. Mostly just cheese and sour milk. Although I cannot afford both of those at the moment.

I purchased 1 bag (500g) of buckwheat and 2l of Rice drink (I’m using it to make my morning porridge) and 7€ was gone already (more than 1/3 of my weekly limit). So I need to switch from raw buckwheat to the regular one and make my morning porridge with water only.

So those two will expand the list what I have already cut out from my menu. The list already consists things like cheese, nuts, seeds, avocados and other more expensive fruits, special rice, a variety of vegetables, … the list is quite long 🙂

But when those earlier mentioned two are cut out, it will leave some room for something else. Let’s see.

And of course, what I almost forgot to mentioned, the 24h fasting went also well. In addition to intermittent fasting where I eat only at a specific time window which is from, 9 am to 5 pm, every Thursday I’m only having breakfast and then I skip everything except pure water for 24h.

Although being with kids, which was from Friday to Sunday, I couldn’t hold on to the intermittent fasting schedule and sinned a little on Friday and Saturday when I had supper with my kids 🙂
Having only 2 meals a day is much cheaper than 3 meals a day and not being able to stick with 2 meals (intermittent fasting) will also increase weekly expenses. Will try to stick more to the rules next week.

Let’s see how it goes. Until then, take care and talk to you next week.


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