Challenge: “Under 100€ A Month” 2


Let’s start the new year with a new challenge. This time it is a little different challenge which is sort of a forced challenge.
I’m having a quite tough time at this period of my life but instead of feeling bad and complaining about it I got an idea to turn it into a challenge.

I like to eat very healthily and even if I’m cooking everything myself, I’m still spending too much on groceries. Instead of walking around in grocery store and thinking: “I cannot afford this at the moment and I cannot afford that at the moment”. Which is also sending a negative vibration to the universe that I lack money to buy those things. Instead of that, I have decided to switch it around and make it more like a game, which is more fun and creates positive emotions and not negative ones.

That is why this challenge was created. I want to know, can I get through the month with less than 100€ after I have paid my bills. This means I can spend up to 3€ a day, which is manageable I believe but we will never know if some unexpected expenses will show up 🙂 If something like that happens, it will dig a big hole into the budget.

And to eliminate some of those expenses I purchased new tar of coconut oil and new toothpaste just before the challenge 😉

This challenge automatically means: no sweets, no eating outside. no any fun which requires money.
No eating outside – easy as pie….mmmm, pie 🙂
No fun which requires money – no problem again
No sweets – man, this will be hard as I love sweets 🙂

To make the success rate higher I will also fast for 24 hours once a week. Actually, I was fasting once a week already before the challenge and I have done it for about one month, so nothing new there.

But having kids at my place for two weekends will not make this challenge easier 😉 And I know that there are families who have to live like this, so why cannot I make it. Let’s see how it goes.

Let the challenge begin!

  • Starting date – 7.01.2019
  • End date – 06.02.2019
  • The goal – Get through the month with 100€ only.

Wish me luck! 🙂

And again I’m going to share the process how this challenge is going. So stay tuned for the updates.


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