Challenge: Goodbye Food!


Pack your pack and prepare your mind and soul, it’s time for another adventure 🙂

Next challenge is on the way. This time it’s a multi-part challenge and it will be one of the hardest challenges so far. Both mentally and physically. The challenge is called: Goodbye Food!

The Challenge

As the name already suggests it will be a fasting challenge. The challenge will consist 4 parts at least.

Phase One: “Testing the waters”
I will start the challenge with a testing phase to see how my body reacts and adapts. I will do 2.5 days regular fasting which means I will drink only water and will not eat anything for 60 hours at least (From Sunday evening to Wednesday morning)

Phase Two: “Jumping in”
If the first part will be successful, it is time to jump in. In this phase, I will go for 5 days without eating. Only water is allowed.

Phase Three: “Diving without the equipment”
This is where it starts to get interesting. In this phase, I will try the dry fast. Dry fast means drinking water is not allowed also. I will do it for 3 days. So it means I will go 3 days without any food or water. There is also an extreme version of dry fast which means you are not allowed to have any contact with water (no mouthwash, no shower, no swimming). I will not go that extreme and will skip that part 🙂

Phase Four: “Diving deep”
In this phase, the real challenge begins. This is the final and also the hardest part. I will try to go without the food for 10 days straight.

Moving into the next phase.

The time between different phases is unknown. I will not go straight from one part to another. I will listen to my body and let it get back to normal fully before I go to the next phase. I might also repeat some phases before I go to the next phase if I feel the need for it. I might also add some phases in between. I have to be fully ready to go to the next phase. This is where I cannot rush and I have to be very careful.


Why am I doing it? For over a half a year I have been struggling with my gut health. I have been experiencing bloating and gases most of the time, plus the smell has been pretty bad 😉 I have experienced acid reflux quite often and I feel my digestion system is not absorbing the nutrition as it should. I have been eating very healthy for a quite long time but I’m getting cramps still, although I should have got plenty of magnesium from my food.

Fasting is like a reset button for our body and especially for digestion system. That’s why I’m doing this challenge, to reset my body and let it heal itself naturally.
If you are sick, you don’t like to eat much. This is natural as the body needs to heal and it does it by itself. Also if you take a look at animals. When they get sick they do not touch the food, they only drink water. Nature has given us the gift, it has given us all the tools to heal ourselves without any external help (just water to stay hydrated).

Like with every challenge, I will keep you updated constantly how I’m doing and well I’m performing.
Wish my luck, strength, perseverance and stay tuned for the updates 🙂

Follow my progress in this challenge here

EDIT: The first phase is done”


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