Brainwashing the society

I stumbled upon this old video which really shows how EASY it is to BRAINWASH a nation and society as a whole.

In the following video an Ex KGB officer openly reveals KGB’s subversive tactics against western society.

Yes it is an old video but if you are open enough to see what is going on in our current world, it is no different actually. Mass media is full of fake news and propaganda and war against terrorism is one of the biggest lies in this category. But luckily people don’t have to depend on regular news anymore. There are so many alternative sources and because of that more and more people are waking up and start to see through the deception.

You are not believing such nonsense and think that I´m just delusional, watch the video and you may have a big surprise how well organized everything is and how easy it is to deceive people from realizing the truth.

Just open your eyes and you see the same happening almost everywhere today.

And as a tagline from an old and famous series say: “The Truth Is Out There”. 🙂

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