Challenge ”Getting ”Shit” Done” – Week Four


Report for the fourth week.

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4th Week Overview

19/22 86.4%
15.5/19 81.6%
20/23 87%
16.5/18 91.7%
20.5/22 93.2%
4th Week Total
91.5/104 88%

Not much to say about this week. Tuesday was the worst day and from there it got better with every day 🙂
But why was Tuesday so low. I had some other tasks on that day and forgot my concentrations (got only one done from 4).
Concentration sessions have been my Achilles heel in this challenge. I have got all 4 done just a couple of times maybe. 

Almost all days I missed the tasks to switch off my PC in the evening. Friday was the only evening when I could do it at the proper time. But Friday was the only day I missed the task to get out of bed right after the alarm. If I would have got out of bed immediately I would only miss 0.5 points from 100% (one concentration session).

But “woulds”  are not helping here, have to perform better next time 🙂 

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