Are we really free like they say we are?

The world is falling apart. No, we are not facing a doomsday by some Asteroid hitting the earth or any other disaster which can wipe out the human race 🙂 The system we are living in is falling apart. The freedom we suppose to have is taken away step by step. People cannot even share their ideas and speak their mind anymore. Big companies have started to censor almost everything that goes against the current system.

It wasn’t long ago when some owners of YouTube channels which I have been following have protested that YouTube has stopped the monetization of their channel. YouTube itself claimed that they haven’t changed anything but the proof was clear when those earning charts were shared with the audience.

Now it has gone even worse. Despite losing the income from YouTube videos, channels have started to lose videos too (YouTube is making them “private only” and it is not changeable). Subscribers are being unsubscribed automatically and even full channels have been deleted. All this during the last month. Is this the free world with a free speech they have promised to us?

See screenshots from YouTube (click the image to enlarge it)


And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Facebook, Google and Twitter are not any better.

Here is the latest post from Collective Evolution which goes into more details about the censorship.

It really makes you wonder, why they are doing it? Why they are trying to stop people from spreading different kind of news? Is there something to hide? Those behind the curtains, who are running the show, are losing the grip and they are trying to do anything to not lose the control but…. but  you cannot stop the train of Truth. The Truth is coming to the surface anyway. The world is waking up. More and more people are  starting to realize that things are not as they seem or as they have made to seem.

There is always a storm before the calm. All that shit that is happening in the world is necessary for the calm that is coming after.

Keep seeking and never stop sharing. The Truth is out there!


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