Challenge ”Getting ”Shit” Done” – Week Three


Report for the third week.

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3rd Week Overview

16.5/24 68.8%
15/19 78.9%
22.5/24 93.8%
20/22 90.9%
18.5/21 88.1%
3rd Week Total
92.5/110 84.1%

If we think from the perspective of how well the challenge was, the beginning of the week was pretty awful. On Monday I got only 68.8% which is the lowest daily percentage in this challenge. Tuesday wasn’t something special also – 78.9%

Although when we leave the challenge to the side, at beginning of the week I could finally finish the template of my new ADZbuzz’s site. You can read the report here. And this is why I couldn’t get much done within the challenge itself. I spent most of my free time working on the site.

Rest of the week was pretty much the same as previous week. I mostly missed offline times (took just short naps but didn’t spend enough time offline) and concentration sessions.

Even if I´m not getting 100% I’m still getting much more done during the challenge. I feel much more motivated because I have to make my weekly report and I don’t want to fail my tasks because of it. Social pressure is good motivator 🙂 Even if no one is reading it, it still motivates.

There will be one week pause from the challenge as I will not be at home most of the week and cannot follow the tasks. So next report will be after two weeks.

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