Challenge ”Getting ”Shit” Done” – Week Two


A summary for second week.

I took little break from the challenge because I had so many things which I had to do and I couldn’t follow the schedule so I dropped the challenge.

But now I´m continuing with it 🙂
Although as I´m still living out of town and I´m getting home so late I removed some tasks from the evening (evening meditation and evening exercise) because I´m so tired already and I don’t have enough time before I go to sleep.

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2nd Week Overview

22/24 91.7%
22/24 90.9%
19.5/23 84.8%
18/23 78.3%
22/26 84.6%
2nd Week Total
97.5/113 86.3%

Even if I removed some tasks I still got less points for whole week than first week. And the reason for that is the creation of a new site which has taken most of my free time. And because of that I have skipped my own training sessions and most of daily offline breaks. I have also missed many concentration sessions because of the new site. I just wanted to get things done as fast as I could. 

There is still long way to go to finish the site so lets see how the next week goes.

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