Challenge ”Getting ”Shit” Done” – Week One


So first week has already passed. How well did I perform? Did I get more things done then before the challenge?

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1st Week Overview

22/23 95.7%
26/27 96.3%
20/24 83.3%
22/26 84.6%
1st Week Total
90/100 90%

90% for whole week. Not bad, not bad at all I believe 🙂

On Monday and on Tuesday I missed just one point to get full 100%. On Monday I forgot the concentration sessions and I did 2 out of 3. So I gave myself 1 point instead of 2 points.

On Tuesday I couldn’t get 1 hour “offline” time. I was able to be offline about 40 minutes as I had something which I wanted to finish on my PC. Again instead of 2 points I gave 1 point.

On Thursday and on Friday there were already more things I couldn’t or forgot to do (I wasn’t following the schedule 100%). One of those things was reading (both days) and I also missed 2 points on Thursday because I didn’t participate in wrestling class. I had some trading orders which I wanted (yes “wanted” and not “needed”. Before I would have said “I needed” to do, but as it was not life or death question it was more “I want” 🙂 ) to get done so I chose to deal with that instead.

But still the overall performance for whole week was good and I got many things done in my to do list. This challenge has already helped me to get started with things which I have postponed for long time.

How challenging it is?

How easy or hard it is to follow my challenge schedule?
The first part of the day is actually very easy. I have almost no temptation to look at my phone before all morning routines are done. Waking up earlier is little hard (7:00 am instead of 7:30 am).

Problems start when I’m going to do my daily tasks (to do list). When I´m doing things I like, there is no problem with that. And also things that take less than 10…15 minutes are easy. But things which take longer then 30 minutes and which I don’t like to do, I´m starting to feel this feeling “Ma ei viitsi” again. (Read the original post to know what it means 🙂 ) and it is little hard to push myself into doing those things. Sometimes I even try to find something else which I can do which does not take that long or which I “like” to do.

Need to work on myself on this part 🙂 I cannot label those tasks good or bad and I have to be in the “now” to start enjoying those things too.

And in the evening…oh man, when I´m already tired and sleepy, it is so hard to get those last few things done. Especially the evening exercise (I’m doing 5 Tibetans) but I have managed to finish every single evening task in my first week and I´m proud of myself because of that 🙂

So this is my first week. I’m happy with the performance and waiting for new week’s challenges.
Stay tuned and wait for my next week’s feedback 🙂

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