Happy New Year! Look back to 2017 and plans for 2018

Happy New Year!

Like most of the people like to do, so am I. It is time to look back to past year and also share some light what is waiting me in 2018.

So how was the year 2017? Well, it has been quite “interesting” ride 😉

Financial Journey

Financially it has been one of the worst years in recent history. Moving to friend’s parent’s place because I couldn’t afford to rent an apartment any more. Selling my car to get rid of debts. But like always, when we face challenges, we are growing the most. Hard times will make us work hard and get out from our comfort zone. Emotionally and spiritually I have grown quite a bit. At least I believe so 🙂

One of the biggest changes in 2017 was kicking Wing Tsun out of my life after 16 years of practice and 12.5 years of teaching it. The choice was hard but this option has been in my mind for quite a while already. I saw that I’m not fully in it any more. Running and managing it almost alone for over 12 years left its mark. I needed some rest from it. Plus for few years the amount of practitioners was decreasing and so was my salary. Everything was slowly going down the hill and I knew I had to change something to get out of that situation. So at the end of summer and before the new season, I stepped out from teaching Wing Tsun.

Somewhere in that time I crashed mentally under the pressure too. You can read all about it here.

But there is always sun after the rain, yes it can take a long time sometimes but eventually the rain will end and the sun will shine again. The same happened with me. After I found the way out from emotional low point things started to move in better direction.

Because of quitting Wing Tsun I had more time to do my online business stuff plus I got an offer from Estonian biggest martial arts school 3D Treening to join their team and start teaching BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) there.

Things started to show an upward trend since then and December was the first month were I had something left from my last month’s earnings. That is a very good sign that things are going into right direction 🙂

My online business has also started to show some results – Finally 😉 (read the long report here). I can already invest in new opportunities with my earnings and I have also started to withdraw my seed money.

Spiritual Journey

Like I already mentioned we are growing the most when we are facing challenges and 2017 has taught me many things. I have also found many new “teachers” who to follow and who have already given me very much.

2017 was also a good year for realizing that our mind and reality is really connected and there are no coincidences. Everything that happens, happens for a reason. There have been too many “coincidences” to believe otherwise 🙂 Too many times I have witnessed that my thoughts are creating the reality. One day I think of something and next day it happens. How good is that 🙂 I will create a separate category in near future where I start to share all those interesting “coincidences”

So it has been another great year in my spiritual journey.

A summary

To make the story of 2017 short.
In first half of the year everything was going down hill but because of some hard but good decisions, end of the year started to show nice up trend instead.
2017 has also given me many valuable lessons because of the struggles I faced and emotional choices I had to make. I have grown much stronger mentally and I have become more stable and calm.

And I know that 2018 will be “the year” 😀

Plans for 2018

Financial Journey

I’m starting to withdraw 50% of my trading earnings so I could afford to rent my own apartment again. If any of my main businesses will kick off I can buy one instead of renting 🙂 And ADZbuzz has very high probability to do so. When ADZbuzz own exchange will be opened in January, we will start to see a constant growth in ADZcoin’s value.

I´m also open for new opportunities to spread my eggs little bit more. I have already added few more coins to my portfolio which have great potential. Let see what 2018 brings to the market 🙂

Spiritual Journey

Just recently (31.12.2017) I have joined new Discord group where people are hitting enlightenment in just few months because of energy transmissions (Rasa). I’m so exited about that group and am eagerly waiting what is going to happen in few months 🙂

2018 is bringing also so many challenges to my life and here is the current list.

  • “Getting Shit Done” – Started on 2nd of January. Read more here
  • “Vegan Challenge” – Yes I´m going to try a vegan diet in 2018. I have almost cut all kind of meat out of my diet already. Plus I have decreased the amount of diary I’m consuming a lot. I´m going to try it for one month and will continue from there. This challenge is probably the earliest which I´m going to do.
  • Mindfulness Challenge” – Challenge where I’m going to do one simple thing (eating a fruit for example) with full awareness every day. I´m going to do it for 10 days.
  • “Deep Sleep Challenge” – Proper sleep is the key for healthy body and mind and it is not the amount of hours you sleep every night, instead how long you can be in deep sleep state is that matters.
  • “NoFap Challenge” – This one is interesting 🙂 Google it if you don’t know what it is. If I’m really serious about the spiritual journey I have to retain my energy to be able to transform into higher levels. This challenge will be 50 days.
  • “No Clock Challenge” – Another very interesting challenge although not in the category as the previous one :). We are so addicted to time. We do almost everything according to time and clock. Do break out of this habit I will cover all the clocks I have and only put the alarm when I have to go out. Waking up, eating, going to sleep, everything will be done with cut feeling 🙂 Planning to do it for one week.

This is just a partial list, I know there are many more challenges coming up on the way.

I will create a separate post when I’m going to start any of the challenges where I share more information about the challenge itself.

My humble wishes for new year

I wish we could realize more what we already have and not take things for granted. We tend to realize how much we depend on someone or something when they are already gone.

I wish we could have more courage to say: “I love you” to the people we hold dare.

I wish we could get and give more hugs from and to the people we love. One simple hug can heal thousands of wounds.

I wish that all people in the world could have the chance to feel loved.

I wish that there will be more honesty, respect and love in the world and there could be more compassion toward other living beings on Earth.

I wish we could be more understanding and forgiving. There is too much jealousy, grudge and “paying back” in the world.

I wish people would not take life so seriously. Stop worrying about the things which you cannot control at that moment.

I wish people would not take things personally. All the shit that is said or done to you is not reflecting you. It is the reflection of the people who are doing or saying those “bad” things.

I also wish people could care less what others are thinking of them and act as they feel not as they think they should to please others. Drop your masks and start living like you are meant to.

I wish an amazing and prosperous year for everyone. Full of joy, love and happy moments. But at the same time may our year be full of great lessons and learning opportunities so we could grow and become better human beings to raise the collective vibration and help our mother Earth.

Piece and Love 🙂

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