Enlightenment is like a Supernova


Had interesting piffany during yesterday’s meditation 🙂

Enlightenment is like a Supernova 🙂

Star is facing heavy gravity and to resist the collapse it burns its fuel to counter balance gravity. Once the fuel has run out there is no resistance to the gravity and star faces the inevitability – its death. It collapses under the gravity and explodes as supernova. All its content is disperced into vast lands of the Universe. With this act it will become one with the Universe (the source)….again 🙂

Same is with our Ego.

We fight against the circumstances and we want to control everything. More we resist, more we suffer.

But….. But if we would let go of control, if we would let go of resistance, our world would collapse and we would face an Ego death. We become one with the source, with the Universe 🙂 We would become enlightened.

To let go from all the resistance is not an easy task to do. Ego is not willing to cooperate on this task. It wants to survive with any means necessary. And that’s why we suffer. Ego wants to control everything, Ego doesn’t like the change, it resists everything that makes it feel even little bit uncomfortable. And when things are not going as planned (as they mostly aren’t 😉 ) we will suffer.

If you let go of resistance and let the life shape you (don’t fight against the gravity) you will reach the highest goal humans can have on Earth – liberation, enlightenment, nirvana or what ever you want to call it. Your Ego will dissolve and you will become free. You will break free from the prison of your mind and you will start to live life fully, you will start to enjoy every moment of it.

The Ultimate Freedom is yours if you choose to let go.

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