Tip For a day – Happiness is a choice, not an achievement



Happiness in not something which you will achieve when you get “there”. Happiness is always within you, you just have to find (realize) it. Your mind is just playing tricks on you, by saying: “When I have that car, I´ll be happy. When I get that house, I will be happy. When I find my dream girl/man, I will be happy.” etc. All that is just external and will give you temporary satisfaction. I could write very long article about it all but you wouldn’t believe me anyway 😉 so I share a real life proof with you (a post from my friends wall) and hope it makes you reorganize your priorities 🙂
PS Those kinds of “realizations” are bringing smile to my face because when that “switch” happens, real journey will begin. And I know how pleasant and fulfilling that journey can be, so it makes me really happy when people will hit that “switch”  🙂

I Miss those Job Days Life was just Smooth …..
It was just Different tho
Less Money more happiness and time spend with Family friends etc…….

Last 1 year changed so much when i was working day and night to get where I’m now but there is not that feeling or happiness what i use too think of ……..

Now at Home making money 
After you make enough Money then you realize shit didn’t Change anything 

Set Making Money as a Goal is not what you need in Life …..

Money is just Money to Buy things temporary Happiness…

Can’t Make you Happy until your loved ones are not Happy with you

Sometime you feel alone if you spend too much time with Computer

Give time to your loved ones…..

Don’t know if i explained well  but hope you get it

PS: Btw i Don’t like to do Job anymore 😜 but I miss those days after Job.

So be aware of the tricks of  your mind. Happiness is not found in “tomorrow”. Happiness is already here, now, today. So take the most out of today.

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