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This time I would like to share with you a post from a completely fresh ADZbuzz member but who already believes that ADZcoin is superior than the rest. And it is mainly because he took the time to read the whitepaper draft.

Hi all. I’m new here. I joined the community yesterday.

In the past year or so I have been trying to manifest my desires for financial freedom and more quality time to spend with family, friends and loved ones. I think the universe has finally heard my intentions and desires and revealed to me Adzbuzz and Adzcoin. Although I’ve only been a member for a day, I bought enough coins to make me a millionaire in 3 years time or even less and it did not even cost me much!

I am not an expert in anything especially in cryptocurrencies but I’ve seen the potential of this project from the published whitepaper, milestones, timelines and projects under development.

So, without further ado, here are my thoughts on the advantages of Adzcoin from the rest.

1. All cryptocurrencies started out like a shiny pebble. It is shiny but does not have any value. It gained value when a group of people decided to put value in it. Then like-minded people joined in the bandwagon and further increased its value. Later on, significant accpetance has been established and they are now trading it for dollars. However, up to this day, most of these so called cryptocurrencies are still not accepted as payments by merchants. You can’t use it to buy anything online or otherwise. You can just trade it for dollars or any other cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin, since it’s creation in October 2008 and release of open source code in January 2009 only gained merchant acceptance as payment around 2012.

Adzcoin is different in a way that it is not just a shiny pebble. It has it’s own platform and community through Adzbuzz which has value and is creating value. Also, the developer is pushing for the coin to be an acceptable means of payment within the year.

2. Apart from the potential of being a true cryptocurrency (I say potential because Adzbuzzpay is still in the works of being an acceptable mode of payment for merchants), Adzcoin is capturing a market niche – content advertising! Once the scope of the project becomes clear to advertizers, they would heavily rely on Adzcoin because it is the currency of the platform specifically tailored for their needs. We all know how huge the revenues in advertising is. Just look at youtube, facebook and google to name a few.

3. All currencies including Bitcoin did not have something like Titan in their early years of inception or even up to this day. Sure, some of them have faucets but what are faucets compared to Titan? ( Am I comparing apples to oranges here? Anyway, it does not matter. Titan is Titan, I think you understand what I mean… they don’t have it.)

4. All cryptocurrencies except Bitcoin just have wallets. Create a wallet then trade your shiny pebbles in a site that have enough traders who believe that it has enough value to trade for dollars and that’s it. With Adzcoin, that just is not it. We have Adzbuzz, Titan and a lot more.

5.We have a developer who is real and keeps in touch with the community. Of course, once he becomes a multi-billionaire, I would understand if he decides to be snobbish or aloof. Who would not be? (Just kidding. I’m pretty sure he’s a very nice guy and a very decent human being for which I am grateful that he created Adzcoin and Adzbuzz to help me realize my dreams.)

In short, I believe that if the developer and every member of the community (including me, of course) will follow through on what they must do and the milestones and projects that must be achieved and completed, then the potential and reality of Adzcoin in the next two or three years will be unfathomable.

In my mind, Adzcoin is superior to Bitcoin. The selling point is not to compare it’s value when Bitcoin was so and so in such and such time. It’s selling point is it’s true intrinsic value. You may want to read this for more information. https://goo.gl/ZDMmQ5

I hope you too can see the power of ADZbuzz like the author of this writing. ADZbuzz with its ADZcoin really is once in a lifetime opportunity.

If you are not a member of ADZbuzz yet, I have great bonuses waiting for you. The best part, you can start earning for free. So what are you waiting for? Join now and start earning risk free already today 🙂

PS Thanks Alvin for a great post and being such an inspiration to all other ADZbuzz current and future members. We need more people like you to ADZbuzz. So thank you for becoming part of our family and may your dream come true with ADZbuzz 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Why ADZcoin is superior to other cryptos including bitcoin

  • vijay kumar

    i dont think so it can beat bitcoin etherum dash or other top coins. but it will be great if this happen. Because no one know when the game change in cryptomarket.

    • Armin Post author

      Yeah you are right by saying we don’t know when the crypto game might change.
      But if you would just compare the system behind any top coin and ADZcoin you would see that ADZcoin has much more to offer, especially that it represents an ad space in fast growing social media platform, that ADZcoin will get demand from so many different aspects and lastly that ADZcoin has a decreasing supply. All top coins have non of that 🙂

      It is just the question of time when ADZcoin will rise above them all.

      But as you said, anything can happen in crypto world. Maybe we do not have any crypto currency in few years. Maybe we have something completely different which replaces cryptos.