BOOM! Another milestone has been stricken down with a bang


ADZbuzz has exceeded another 10 000 in Alexa. 

This post will be very short. Just want to share some charts with you which show the growth of ADZbuzz and how undervalued ADZcoin currently is.

It was just 3 weeks ago when ADZ reached 70 000 in Alexa. And now it is already under 60 000 and will start to catch another magical milestone – 50 000 🙂

In last 3 months ADZbuzz has gained almost 56 466 places in Alexa rank. This just shows how rapidly its member base is growing. And two main income platforms (at least for now, in the future there will be even bigger platforms coming up 🙂 ) are not even ready yet. What will happen when they will ready in coming weeks? ADZbuzz will hit 10 000 and soon after that 1000 mark in Alexa. It is not a mere dream, it is reality which will happen very soon.

What has stayed the same though, is ADZcoin’s price and rank. This a clear sign that ADZcoin is strongly undervalued. I will not go over all those details again why ADZcoin is an amazing investment opportunity today. You can read my previous post about it. Instead I will share an article from a fellow ADZbuzz member, where he explains what is value investing and is adzcoin a good candidate for it. Read the post here.

And here are the charts I promised 🙂 Fresh info shows that the momentum hasn’t decreased even a little bit

I is the best time to invest in ADZcoin

Alexa rank, ADZbuzz’s domain value and forum’s member base are increasing with the same speed. Only thing that has stayed the same is ADZcoin rank and the value of it. It is no brainer that ADZcoin is undervalued tremendously and it is an amazing opportunity for every investor with no matter how big or small budget. ADZ are worth just about 3 cents currently so everyone can afford to have some decent amount. Price of ADZ can easily hit $1 mark after two new platforms are ready and with $100 investment for example, your ADZ would be worth over $3300 already 🙂

Don’t miss this life changing opportunity, crab as many ADZ as you can before it takes off.

And don’t forget, if you are not willing to invest your hard earned money, you can earn ADZcoins completely free by joining ADZbuzz content discovery platform. Plus I have great bonuses waiting for you so don’t wait, GET STARTED TODAY !!!


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