The Ultimate Sacrifice. I´m all alone 1


No nothing serious happened, just had a realization yesterday.

Many teachers have mentioned it before and yesterday I realized it myself.

If you go on a spiritual journey you have to be prepared that you might have to walk the path in solitude. If you want to go really deep in your path, are you ready that you might lose most of your friends and maybe even people who are very close to you?
They will not understand you. They cannot understand why you are doing what you are doing. Their rational mind just cannot grasp what you are trying to explain them. Many of your friends will even label you as weirdo, someone who has lost his mind, acts like lunatic and talks complete nonsense.

Are you ready to face such consequences? Are you willing to make the ultimate sacrifice and risk to lose it all? Because this is the price of real spiritual journey.

I have been in this journey for 2.5 years now and I’m starting to see that I cannot fit to the crowd anymore. I have seen the signs of it already before but yesterday I finally realized that the time has come. The time where I have to walk the path alone.

I was having a conversation with two friends yesterday. We started to talk about emotions. I tried to explain how our mind (ego) is responsible for the suffering and pain and it is up to us how we experience the life.  I also tried to explain how we all have a different perception of reality about wrong and right, about truth and falsehood. My friends were so attached to scientific facts and think that science is the ultimate solution to explain everything and that science is the only truth that there is. But it is not. There are too many things that science cannot explain and when scientists cannot explain some things they push those subjects to a side like they do not exist.

I saw that there was no point for me to discuss this topic any further as their minds were too stuck in their paradigms, so I gave up. Then it hit me. I cannot discuss the topics which I’m fond to as my friends just don’t understand me. I have to walk the path alone, keep my thoughts and ideas to myself because my friends close minds cannot grasp them.

When you start walking the spiritual bath and you will face similar issues the choice has to be made. Will you continue to act, do and think like your friends are doing or will you continue your journey and lose the friendship you had.
If you choose the first option, you will become fake because you are not expressing yourself truly and honestly, you are just trying to please your friends. You will lose yourself if you choose this way.
If you choose to stay You and act like you feel acting, say like you feel saying, do what you feel doing and staying true to your beliefs and ideas there is very high probability that you will be alone in the bath and lose your friends.
In one hand you have your own life and in the other hand you have the friendship. You cannot choose both, you have to pick one and deal with the consequences.

OK I´m exaggerating it a little. You don’t have to walk the path in complete solitude. You might already have friends close to you who totally understand you. But this is very rare and you can consider yourself very lucky not to go through all that trouble.
And……Even if you don’t have friends like that, there is still a bright side. Universe does not tolerate and empty space. If you lose your friends, new friends will take their place. Friends who accept who you are, who understand your passion and who maybe even walk the path with you. Life is always changing. Nothing and I mean nothing is permanent. We just have to learn when to let go. And when we let go, usually it is replaced with something better. This is the way of life.

So to walk the true spiritual journey, you have to be ready to leave your old life behind and step to the unknown. Are you ready for that, are you really ready? If not, the path to the Truth is not for you. Choose something else to seek and achieve.

To end this article with a BANG. I will leave some videos here for you to watch. But be warned. If your mind is even little bit rational, you will not accept what you hear in those videos. Your mind will do everything to fight against it. To really grasp the info, you have to leave all your scientific beliefs and ideas behind.

Be ready for a huge mind fuck which completely alters your understanding of reality. Enjoy 🙂

“Understanding Absolute Infinity part 1”

“Understanding Absolute Infinity part 2”

And the cherry on the cake 🙂
“What is God” (direct experience of Absolute Infinity)


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One thought on “The Ultimate Sacrifice. I´m all alone

  • aivo

    I gave up on trying to convert others long ago. Im surrounded by people but always alone. When i see some christians converting people i pity them, it doesnt work like that. Dont worry about those who cannot grasp your meaning, they are small and superficial. Associate yourself with noble-minded and diligent people. The path is there, those who looks for it will find it, but it doesnt come looking for you.