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„To invest or not to invest? “ That is the question.

This is the question which troubles the mind of many if new opportunity is presented to them. And the question is not easy to answer.

Overwhelming emotions are fighting against rational mind. Positive emotions are running over the body while the vision of bright future is picture clear in the mind. Fast cars, beautiful places, luxurious lifestyle. It all unrolls in front of your eyes but then rational and skeptical mind blows everything away: “What if it does not happen? What if I lose everything?” And so those two keep fighting.

So how to distinguish good investment from bad investment? What are the criteria for great investment?

Key elements for a great investment

Here are 7 key elements of great investment:

  • Reliable company – What is the history of the company, how old is it? Where is it registered? Who is the owner and what is his/her history?
  • Open minded and innovational management team – How innovative and open minded is the management team? Are they open for new trends? Are they changing the structure according to market and customer’s needs?
  • High demand for a product or service – What is the demand for a product or service company offers? What is the competition, are there other companies with similar products?
  • High probability to succeed – What is the probability for the company’s success? What is the risk to lose everything?
  • Real asset – This could be the most important question when considering an investment. Is the product or service real? Does it have a real value or is it just a Ponzi scheme?
  • High ROI – What is the potential for growth for your investment? When you can expect the profit? Is it passive and when you are getting paid (daily, weekly, quarterly or yearly)?
  • Affordable entry point – How much is the minimum investment, is it affordable for you current situation?

Those are what I think the main points for a great investment. So if you are looking for a great and reliable investment opportunity those are good requirements to follow. Of course everyone has their own opinion and perception of things and you may have some other criteria when choosing an investment, but you can easily add them to that list.

Great investment opportunity today?

Let’s get more specific with the topic and let’s find out what is a good investment opportunity today. To easily shorten the list of options, let’s start from the bottom of the key elements list.

Affordable entry point and high ROI. This will immediately leave out all the mainly known investments like stocks, commodities, real estate etc. What are left are so called HYIPs (High Yield investment Programs) and crypto currencies.

Real asset. We all know the bad reputation of HYIP’s because most of them are pure Ponzi schemes. Unfortunately it is so hard to distinguish which HYIP is Ponzi and which is not because most upcoming programs are so well built and it is very hard to recognize the Ponzi element. So I would better stay out from any HYIP because the risk to end up with Ponzi program is too big.
This leaves us only with crypto currencies. Although in crypto currency world there are also many Ponzi schemes. I´m not going to mention any names but one of the biggest Crypto companies in the world currently is structured as Ponzi. With crypto currency though it is very easy to separate real crypto from fake one. You just check is the crypto currency tradable in the open market or not. If it is listed, it is real, if it is not listed, there is a high probability that it is just a Ponzi scheme.

Why crypto currency?

If you have been into investments even a little bit you should know what happened to bitcoin. Bitcoin went from few cents to thousands of dollars in few years.

In September 2010 BTC was worth 6 cents and in June 2017 bitcoin hit all time high at 3000 USD. If you would have purchased bitcoins with just 100 bucks, you would have become a millionaire in few years. Of course bitcoin wealth train is gone and you cannot get such a high return by investing in bitcoin anymore but there are hundreds of other crypto currencies which can do the same. You just have to pick the right one. How to do it? Now we go and use the upper part of the list to choose the right crypto currency.

High probability to succeed. What makes one crypto currency successful? I´m not going to get into details what gives crypto currency a value but basically it depends on the supply and demand ratio. Higher the demand and lower the supply, higher the value of a crypto currency is.
Bitcoin and most other crypto currencies are getting their demand from user only. If people want to buy, the price will increase but if people find the reason to sell, the price will drop. Is this reliable investment where you depend on other user’s behavior? Of course not! You will never know when the masses start to sell and you might lose most of your profit this way.
And how you know which currency is good enough so people will buy into it and you have a very good entry point. It is pure gambling and in other hand if you wait when a coin starts to gain a value and attracts other people to buy into it, it can be too late already to get the best ROI. To get the best ROI you need to take advantage of the opportunity before it hits the masses. How to do it? To choose the right crypto currency we need to move upward in our list.

High demand for a product or service. Crypto currency in which we want to invest should have something extra attached to it. Is that crypto currency tied to a product or service, is that crypto currency solving a worldwide problem? Or does it have some other benefit for our society? Those questions will immediately narrow the variety of crypto currencies in which to invest. There aren’t many coins which qualify to this list.
Those which qualify are already very good choices to invest as they have something extra that gives them value, not just users buying those coins.

Now we are left just with two key elements. Reliable company and innovative and open minded management team. If we can mark those points as “checked” we have got a really good investment to add to our portfolio.

There is now only one question left. What company and crypto currency fills all those key elements?  What coin passes the test with all points checked? I have good news, there is one that does so and which stands out from the rest.

The best opportunity of 2017

Let me present you ADZBuzz with its ADZcoin.

  • Reliable company? ADZbuzz is UK registered company (Registered 11th of October 2016) but has been online since November 2015 (Startpeeps at that time). ADZbuzz’s CEO is Jens Steyaert, long time online Entrepreneur.
    CHECKED! (although depatable)

  • Open minded and innovational management team? Jens and his team are one of most hard working people I have seen. They are very open to new possibilities and strategies and are always willing to consider new suggestions which ADZbuzz members make. From my experience I can say that Jens is not stopping until ADZbuzz is known all around the world. He is constantly brainstorming how to make ADZbuzz the best possible. If something does not work as planned there is always new strategy which beats the previous one in all aspects. Every new addition and feature that has been implemented into ADZbuzz has boosted ADZbuzz growth.

  • High demand for a product or service of ADZbuzz? ADZbuzz network is huge and it takes many separate articles to explain everything but to make the long story short. The main purpose of ADZbuzz and ADZcoin is to end the endless grudge between Advertisers, web publishers and web users.
    Advertisers are spending huge amounts to get their products and services in front of big audience but the conversion rate is so low because their ads are shown in places where people don’t actually want to see them. Web users don’t want to see those annoying ads while surfing the web and are using ad blockers to block those ads. Because of those ad blockers, web publishers are losing big portion of their revenue which they get from allowing ads to show on their site. Users are blocking ads -> Ads are not shown on the site -> web publisher is not getting the revenue from ad company. And the cycle has no end.
    The solution: ADZbuzz moves the ads where people actually don’t mind to see them (Product purchase and comparison sites, Service sites etc.) ADZbuzz monetizes web publisher’s sites with ADZlink which connects web publisher’s site straight with ADZbuzz. Watch short video. Web publisher will get many benefits: Earn revenue from the traffic (even from ad blocker users) and get more traffic to their site because of ADZbuzz. Users can find all the information they seek in one place, ADZbuzz.
    Like I said it takes many separate articles to explain how it all works but ADZbuzz is completely free to join so you can see yourself how it all works by registering to ADZBuzz here.
     Definitely CHECKED!

  • High demand for a product or service of ADZcoin? ADZcoin is tied to an asset. An asset for which Advertisers are paying billions of dollars every day – ad space. Every ADZcoin represents an ad space in ADZbuzz network. Bigger ADZbuzz network grows, more advertisers it attracts. Which means more advertisers are interested in holding as many ADZcoins as they can because this gives them an opportunity to advertise in ADZbuzz network for as long as they like.
    Things mentioned above will give very high demand for ADZcoin, so definite CHECK again.

  • High probability to succeed?ADZbuzz has so many benefits and helps so many different parties in online industry. Because of that huge success is written all over ADZbuzz. And if we add ADZcoin’s scarcity here (ADZcoin is attractive for advertisers, ADZcoin gets its demand from the company itself plus ADZcoin is the only crypto currency with decreasing supply, read more about it here), there is no way that ADZbuzz and ADZcoin will not succeed and make everyone wealthy on the way.
    The best part is: You can start earning ADZcoin completely free and without investing anything. You can earn daily ADZcoins by being active in ADZbuzz and discovering interesting content there.

  • Probability to lose everything? As you don’t have to invest anything, there is absolutely no risk attached to it

  • Real asset? ADZcoin is tradable in the open market. You can buy and sell ADZcoins anytime you want.

  • High ROI? Because of the scarcity of ADZcoin (ADZcoin is attractive for advertisers, ADZcoin gets its demand from the company itself and with the decreasing supply) the potential for ADZcoin’s value is enormous. Once the price starts to climb, there is no return and even the sky is not the limit. Expect the price of ADZ to go over hundreds and thousands of dollars very fast. So the ROI can easily be over 100 000% in few years. The question is not “WILL IT?” but “WHEN?”

  • Passive daily income? There are so many different aspects how you can earn ADZcoins, both passively and actively that there is no need to invest and sell those coins for profit.

  • Affordable entry point? ADZcoin price currently is just 3 cents so it is affordable for everyone who wants to invest in it. Plus like I mentioned already before, you can start earning daily ADZ completely free by being active in ADZbuzz.


As you can see ADZbuzz with its ADZcoin fills all the points. Only the first point can be debatable – Company’s reliability. 2 years is not much to gain full trust and everyone can register a company. But all other points are passed with flying colors.

Just ask yourself the following question: Is the risk worth it?  For example if you invest $100. What will happen if you lose it? Not much I believe. Now think how much you can gain from it. With current price 0.034 USD you can get 2940 ADZ. If the price of ADZ goes to 100USD, your coins would be worth $294 000. You think it is not possible. Think again, if it happened to bitcoin (Ethereum and Dash have also exceeded $100 mark) why it cannot happen again and bitcoin didn’t even have anything to support it. ADZcoin with its ADZbuzz network has definitely the potential to beat bitcoin.

Here are some charts for you to look at.

Looking at those charts we can see that ADZbuzz with its network has a constant growth. Alexa rank has went up more than 30 000 places in just 40 days. ADZcoin’s rank in other hand is dropping little by little, This only means that ADZcoin is undervalued and it is undervalued tremendously. With current ADZbuzz growth rate, the price of ADZ should be $1 per coin already. Believe me, it does not take long once the market reacts and catches the real value of ADZcoin. Do you have enough ADZ stored when it does so? Are you prepared when the value of ADZcoin shoots up?

In my eye there is no better opportunity at the moment, which has so high probability to make everyone wealthy in coming years. PERIOD!

The choice is yours. Are you the one who sees the opportunity and its potential when the time to join is the best or are you the one who waits while the train is already gone and regrets it afterwards “Why didn’t I jump in when I had the chance?”
You have the chance to participate in next “bitcoins” rise and be part of history.

Do make your decision even easier check what I have waiting for you if you choose to join via my link.

Here is a follow up post: “is it good time to invest in ADZcoin?”


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