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[adzbuzzer] I haven’t updated how my ADZ Giveaway is doing. Yes, I´m not currently doing those weekly giveaways where I share my earnings with everyone, but I still reward my referrals for helping me achieve my dreams. So here is the latest list: Taavi Valgma 25 ADZ (Welcome Bonus) Edwin […]

ADZ Giveaway part: “something” :)

[adzbuzzer] “It might be like you are still far from getting there, but remember, you are closer to it than you were yesterday. Every tiny step you take counts a lot!”  ― Israelmore Ayivor “Measuring progress is often like watching grass grow. While it’s difficult to detect movement on a daily […]

Is it good time to invest in ADZcoin?

[adzbuzzer] „To invest or not to invest? “ That is the question. This is the question which troubles the mind of many if new opportunity is presented to them. And the question is not easy to answer. Overwhelming emotions are fighting against rational mind. Positive emotions are running over the […]

How to recognize a great investment

Life inside an egg is invisible to the external world but it doesn’t mean that nothing is going on inside. Vice versa, a lot is happening inside. A completely new life is in creation inside an egg but it needs to mature enough to break out from eggshell and show […]

ADZbuzz is like an egg