Luck, is it just a coincidence or something else? 5

Luck! What is it?

Do you believe in luck? Why someones seems “luckier” than others? Is it just a coincidence that sometimes things happen because you were at the right place at the right time? Or do our beliefs play a roll in creating our life experience? Do our mind really have the power to change the reality?

Watch this live experiment and it may change your beliefs about luck and how you see your life and the reality. The power of creating the life we want is completely in our own hands 🙂
Enjoy 🙂

PS Would like to hear what you think about it, thank you.

Starts from 3:23



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5 thoughts on “Luck, is it just a coincidence or something else?


      But I do not belive in coincidences. Everything has purpous and usually we do not get to know why things happens to us. Sometimes we get to know few time later and that is cool when we realize these things later on 🙂 but luck I have no idea what that is 🙂

  • shitstain

    Fake. The man is a con-artist and the show is orchestrated to be dramatic. It doesn’t prove that luck is just opportunity as sometimes things happen to you even when you are actively trying to avoid it. Also, is unlucky considered luck? Because by taking opportunities you can be unlucky too. No one can explain “luck” this easily because it is unfathomable. You cant explain it in all its complexity. Luck is simply ignorant`s way of understanding cause and effect.
    And look at how different are all the conditions people are being born in. This show is shallow and insulting for trying to explain something so complex as something so primitive
    This reminds me of a funny (or sad) story where a man was afraid to die in a plane crash and he was actively avoiding travelling by plane. But it was of no use because when he was crossing a sea by boat a plane crashed on it and he died anyway.

    • Armin Post author

      You missed the point here 😉 Everything depends of your beliefs and thoughts.
      Our mind creates our experience. Things which you focus on will manifest in your life. There are so many proofs (quantum physics) that our mind has the power to change how the reality behaves. After all the reality exists only in consciousness so it would be ignorant to assume that consciousness has no power over it.

      Even you yourself said, Man was afraid to fly because he was afraid to die because of it. His focus was dying because of plane. He got what he wanted 🙂