ADZ Tutorials – How to activate the DFY 3

Video tutorial on how to send your coins from Web Wallet to Ad Wallet and activate the “Done For You System” (DFY)

PS After you have purchased ADZ in exchange, you have to send them to your Web Wallet first.  “How to send your ADZ to your Web Wallet”



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3 thoughts on “ADZ Tutorials – How to activate the DFY

  • Breefcaseman

    I don’t get it… I have all my coins in the adz web wallet right now but when ever I click the transfer link…NOTHING ever happens. I ve been wanting to activate the DFY system for weeks now. Am I missing something ?

    Or am I the only person whos blue transfer link doesn’t respond to anything

    thanks in advance

    • Armin Post author

      If you click the blue transfer link, nothing happens? new window does not pop up?
      Try another browser. If it does not work, then contact support.