ADZ Giveaway part 3 done :) 2

I forgot to hit the REC button in OBS (screen recording software) so there will not be a good quality video for the live session. Sorry about that 🙁


As the video is poor quality I will announce the winners here.

Sharing my community posts in other social media

Total pool 127 ADZ (max 5 ADZ per share)

  • Temidayo Isaac 4 shares = 20 ADZ
  • Airi Elb 5 shares = 25 ADZ
  • Kristiina Ruben 5 shares = 25 ADZ
  • Medracen Numidie 1 share = 5 ADZ

TOTAL 75 ADZ. Total pool for that category was 127 ADZ. So I thought to reward also those who commented my blog posts and YouTube videos last previous week (There was no ADZ Giveaway last week)

Commenting blog posts or/and YouTube videos

Gave 3 ADZ for every separate post comment

  • Ziko10  4 comments = 12 ADZ
  • Andro  2 comments = 6 ADZ
  • Paul Henry  4 + 1 comments = 15 ADZ
  • Priit Öövel  2 comments = 6 ADZ
  • Geogy Thomas 1 comment = 3 ADZ
  • Mario Piskur 1 comment = 3 ADZ
  • Kristiina Ruben 1 comment = 3 ADZ


4 questions for live viewers (11 ADZ for the fastest correct answer )

1. question: There are two programs where I´m active at the moment. What is the second program beside ADZbuzz?
Winner: Domen Pokorn (Crypto Life)

2. question: What is the latest post in my blog?
Winner Domen Pokorn (A short video which every person should watch)

3. question: I separated ADZbuzz main page into many side pages. What was the first page I finished?
Winner: Kristiina Ruben (ADZcoin – The core currency of the ADZbuzz)

4. question: Everyone has their “Why” when they seek financial freedom. What is my main “Why”?
Winner: Domen Pokorn
(This you have to find out yourself 🙂 )

Domen Pokorn 33 ADZ
Kristiina Ruben 11 ADZ

Congrats to all winner and participants. Thank you for your support. See you next time.
PS Geogy Thomas and Temidayo Isaac, please send me your ADZ wallet address. All other addresses I have and coins are already on their way to new owners 🙂 Please comment this post or in ADZ Giveaway group if you have received your coins. Thank you 🙂

PPS Here is this “terrible” video if you still want to watch it. But I have warned you, watch it at your own risk 🙂


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2 thoughts on “ADZ Giveaway part 3 done :)

  • Paul Henry

    Good to know that some of us aware your blog post and getting a lot of interesting words to inspire us to proceed in whatever plan we have set. Thanks Armin and keep on the good job.