Prrrr, cold, cold, cold! 1

Prrrr, cold, cold, cold!

If you have been following my blog you know that I´m sharing the challenges I´m doing in my daily life. And currently I´m in the middle of Wim How cold challenge. I´m at my 4th week in that challenge. The usual routine is completely OK but I had to choose one day where I have to be under the cold shower for 10 minutes 🙂

I postponed it for many days already. As I´m doing my morning exercises outside and weather forecast promised sunny days, I wanted to take up this 10 minute session when it is sunny outside, so I can warm myself up properly 🙂 Today was the first sunny morning this week so I though “Now or never!”

Oh man! It was much harder than I expected. After about 6 minutes (I had peep at 5 minute mark). My body started to twitch and jerk.  Every part of my body started to twitch after one another. One leg, other leg, one arm, other arm etc. I have never felt this before. I like lost control over my body.

I couldn’t force myself to be and feel like this much longer and I stepped out from the shower. Timer on my phone showed 7 minutes 28 seconds. Did I fail the challenge? What do you think? Should I have stayed there for whole 10 minutes no matter what or did I make the right decision? I believe I made the right decision.  Even now, 40 minutes later, my body is still shaking from the cold.

PS For the information, water temperature was 7.7*C

After the shower my fingers looked like this, completely white 🙂

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One thought on “Prrrr, cold, cold, cold!

  • Priit Öövel

    You can push your limits and next time you´ll last longer but you must also listen your body. If you are not ready (and this was the first time) then dont overdo it.