ADZ Giveaway new structure


Do you want that ADZbuzz gets more members?

Do you want to get new referrals?

Do you want to earn free ADZ?

All this is possible with new ADZ Giveaway structure 🙂

Here’s how it will work.

Share ADZbuzz community posts in other social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter etc.) and I will reward you for every share you make. Your friends and followers if they click on shared post, they see the possibility to earn by discovering interesting content. And if they choose to join ADZbuzz, they will be your referral for life.

Win win for everyone 🙂

ADZbuzz gets new member, you are getting new referral plus free ADZ from me, I´m getting more traffic to my blog. Bigger traffic means higher earnings and higher earnings means more free ADZ will be given for every share you make. And in the end your friend is also happy and will thank you. What can be better than that? I think there is no better way to promote ADZbuzz 🙂

The exact process to participate in every week’s giveaway

  1. Join the Facebook group or/and ADZbuzz group (Facebook is better choice currently as you can get notifications for new posts)
  2. Share my community’s post in any social media network (up to 5 posts a week)
  3. Post a proof (link) of shared post to Facebook or ADZbuzz group
  4. Wait for Friday and you will know how many ADZ you have got (every week will be different amount because it depends on my earnings)
  5. And you can even get more ADZ by joining the live broadcast on every Friday and give the right answers to the questions which are related to my blog.

Sharing count starts from today 18th of May. Start sharing and you will get free ADZ. Plus you might get new referrals when you friend and followers join ADZbuzz via your shared link.

Rewards for next giveaway

  • Total reward pool is 167 ADZ
  • 127 ADZ will be spread between all participants according to the amount of shares they made during the last week (18.05-25.05) (max 5 shares will be counted)
  • 40 ADZ will be given away in live broadcast on Friday 26th of May. (exact starting time will come soon). I will ask 4 questions in total related to my blog and the first correct answer will get 10 ADZ. If you can get all answers correct and be the fastest, you have a possibility to get 40 ADZ 🙂


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