2 easy steps to prove that the Earth is not a flat pizza 3

This is not the typical topic in my blog but as this topic gets more and more attention I thought I would write about it. I wouldn’t bother myself with it but few of my online friends are really believing that the Earth is flat. So I hope I can open your (and all other flat Earth believers who read my blog) eyes a little with this post.

Before I go on I would ask you to drop all your beliefs that you have about the Earth. And I mean all of them. Those which were taught to you in the school and also those which you got by reading articles or watching videos.

The main reason why „flat earthers“ are believing the Earth is flat, is their own experience, so called empirical evidence. They say they cannot feel the Earth spinning and they cannot feel the gravity. So in this post I would also use only the things which I can feel and see myself. I will forget everything I have been taught in the school and what I have learned from the books, videos and internet. So only pure raw experience and logic.

Let’s begin.

This is the map of the Earth according to flat earthers. Antarctica surrounds everything so the water could stay on the „plate“. And the Sun is circling over the Earth by always being above the Earth.

Step one

How to find the answer to the question: “Is the Sun circling above the Earth or is it circling around the Earth?”

I have been many, many times by the sea at the Sunset. According to the map above, the Sun should go out of sight by moving away from me. I know from my past experience (empirical evidence), if something goes farther and farther, it gets smaller and smaller until I cannot see it anymore. Sun though is not getting smaller even a little bit. Vice versa, it seems even bigger when it sets. I know why it happens but as this is a theory, I will not talk about it here. If the Sun sets it doesn’t go out of sight like in the map above, instead it seems like it is falling to the sea.

From my past experience (empirical evidence) I know that if something goes behind the corner I can see it again by moving to a better angle. After the Sun has set I can climb higher and I can see behind the “edge”. And what I see, the Sun is there again. It proves that the Sun has gone behind the “edge” of the Earth.

By my own observation I can say that the Sun is not circling ABOVE the Earth, it is circling AROUND the Earth. Does it prove that the Earth is a globe? No! It just proves that if the Sun sets, it goes to the other side of the Earth, nothing more.

Step 2

With that knowledge though, it is very easy to prove that the Earth is not a flat pizza. If the Sun goes to the other side of the Earth it means no one could see it by being on the “top” of the “pizza”. How can somebody see it if it is on the other side of the pizza? I live in the Europe and if I call to my friend to USA in the middle of the night (my night) while it is completely dark outside. The Sun is on the other side of the Earth, remember 🙂 . If I now ask my friend does he see the Sun? I will get an answer: “What kind of question is that? Of course I see the Sun, it is right over my head, it is 3pm here.”

So how can my friend see the Sun over his head while the Sun should be behind the “edge”? This is the question flat earthers cannot answer though. They change the subject and ask some contra question to which I cannot give an empirical evidence.

They say we are brainwashed and we cannot think with our own head, we only use the theories which have been taught to us from our childhood already. Everything I described here is pure raw one on one experience (of course my friend could lie 😉 ) and everyone could do the same and experience the same things.

So who is brainwashed now?

I really would like to get an answer to my question (How can my friend see the Sun over his head while the Sun should be behind the “edge”?) after you have used those simple methods described above.

So please stop trolling people by saying that the Earth is flat pizza while it so easy to prove that it isn’t.

PS you can also watch those two videos which use very simple mathematics (no any theory) to prove that the earth cannot be flat.


Happy Truth finding! 🙂

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3 thoughts on “2 easy steps to prove that the Earth is not a flat pizza

  • ziko10

    i dont understand how can people think that earth is flat in 21 century.If they think so, where is the edge.If earth is flat, how can i get from point A , back to point A and I go only in one direction.

    • Armin Post author

      More and more people are believing that the Earth is flat. We cannot get to the edge, NASA is protecting it with military. According to the map you are not going into one direction you are circling around and that’s why you end up in the same position.

      Yeah it seems so stupid but really, there are millions of people who believe it and the number is increasing.

  • Kristiina

    I really do not unerstand how they can be that tumb? The exquses are so silli and thy can not exlane anything with them and. And what suprises me the most? There is more and more people who belives in that crap.