Story – “Searching for the teacher” 2

One Englishman started to seek the Truth. He sold all his fortune and traveled to Asia to find the most famous Sufi teacher of the century who could help him to find the Truth. Traveled for 8 years he finally met one dervish and asked him, could he show where the century’s greatest teacher lives.

“Of course I can,” replied dervish and wrote the name and the address to the paper.

Startled Brit thanked dervish and couldn’t believe that his long search has finally ended. After looking the paper, he said with a surprise: “Hey, this is London address and this house is actually 5 minutes away from my old house!”

“Exactly!” said dervish. “If you would have stayed there where you were and not wasted your time by traveling the world, you would have found him 8 years ago already!”

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2 thoughts on “Story – “Searching for the teacher”

  • ziko10

    Sometimes we have a truth or solution directly at our nose but we dont see it, because we are blinded with unimportant thinks.

    • Armin Post author

      Yes, so true. We are so busy looking for the answer. If we would just relax and calm our mind, the answer could be just under our nose 🙂