ADZ Giveaway week 2 Live session 8

Live broadcast done!

230 ADZ was given away this week. Despite the voting I did to find out the best time for live broadcast, we still had so few participants in live event. Which of course was better for those who joined as I rewarded live viewers with 70 ADZ. Less viewers meant more chance to win 🙂

Reward pools in this week’s giveaway were following:

  • 60 ADZ for blog commenting
  • 60 ADZ for YouTube commenting
  • 40 ADZ for subscribers
  • 70 ADZ for live viewers

Congratulations to all winners! There were total of 11 of them this week 🙂
Watch the video and find out, maybe your are one of them.

PS I need you wallet addresses so I can send ADZcoins to their new owners.

And sorry I was too busy today, I have a competition tomorrow which I organize, so I could not send coins to those who already sent me their wallet address. I will send your coins Saturday evening or Sunday. I hope you forgive me and you still want does ADZ 😉 🙂

NB! I think some people misunderstood the tasks to get free ADZ. Commenting my posts in ADZbuzz didn’t qualify for weekly rewards. You should have commented in my blog or in my YouTube channel. But don’t feel sorry about it. New week will bring new giveaway, although the tasks will change completely and for the better of course. For you and for me, we both will win more 🙂  Stay tuned for more info about that.

See you at the next week’s giveaway!

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8 thoughts on “ADZ Giveaway week 2 Live session

  • ziko10

    First of all,thanks for the coins.I didnt actively participate in live event because i didnt know how, but next time i will be ready a little more.By the way where we send a wallet address?

    • Armin Post author

      U R welcome 🙂
      If you watched the video you know I prefer your contact me in ADZbuzz. Just send me a private message there with your address.

  • Andro

    I like the idea to spread adzcoins to more users and that there is not just 1 winner. The amount is smaller, but more people benefit and become happier. Great job

  • Priit Öövel

    Sorry, had to run and could join only for couple of minutes. But I won 10 Adz yeeei! 🙂 Thank you! How do you want me to send you my wallet address?

    • Armin Post author

      Did you watch the video? If you did, you know how I prefer to get the address 😉 Just send me the private message in ADZbuzz

  • Paul Henry

    Thanks for the ADZ Armin. Your generous on this giveaway program will be a fruitful move in the future for sure bro!. Hope to participate the live event later. Keep it up the good job.