ADZbuzz Giveaway live broadcast Friday 17:00 GMT 4

The voting has ended and looks like the best time is 17:00 GMT Friday evening.

This week the commenting activity is much lower than last week. Is it because there is not many videos and posts to comment? If that is the case, I will remove the limit where you cannot vote older posts and videos. Feel free to comment every post you see in this blog and every video you see on my YouTube channel. Only restriction is: You cannot comment one post/video twice or more, they would still count as one.

But there is no limit how many posts and videos you can comment. Commenting 10 different posts/videos will get you 10 votes 🙂 And you don’t have to comment both sources, you can stick just to blog  or YouTube.

The giveaway amount (240 ADZ) will be the highest in my giveaways as my second week was the only week I received more than 2000 ADZ. Because the price of ADZ starts to increase, this means we are going to get less and less ADZ every day. And that again will decrease the amount of ADZ I will give away weekly. So do not miss your chance to be part of the highest “giveaway”.

See you on Friday at 17:00 GMT in YouTube.

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4 thoughts on “ADZbuzz Giveaway live broadcast Friday 17:00 GMT

  • ziko10

    You are very generous.Can be seen that you are working with martial arts where you must have clean soul and mind.Because when i do something good for other people i feel a satisfaction in my heart.

    • Armin Post author

      There is always some self-interest involved unfortunately. I hope I can get to the stage where it all comes from heart and there is zero interest to get something out of it yourself.

  • Paul Henry

    Keep it up the good work Armin. Sooner or later more and more people will participate on this giveaway. Maybe some of them is busy or having time different.