240 ADZ will be given away for FREE! 1

It is time to give away free ADZ again 🙂 This week the total price pool is 240 ADZ.

And again there will be 4 different pools for the rewards:

  • Blog commenting
  • YouTube commenting
  • YouTube subscribers
  • Live event viewers

All categories will have a different reward pool. You can participate only in one category or in all at the same time, the choice is yours 🙂
Do not miss this opportunity. Do those simple tasks and participate in this weeks “ADZ Giveaway”

Voting has ended.



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One thought on “240 ADZ will be given away for FREE!

  • Andro

    I am glad you are continuing giveaways. I wish luck to everyone participating. Guys it’s worth it I wish myself some luck aswell to maybe win some more xD