Story – Sandals, piece of cloth and a pot 2

One day master Sant Thakar Singh met a traveler who had only three things: pair of sandals, piece of cloth wrapped around his body and a small pot for cooking and water. Pot didn’t have a top and traveler covered it with the edge of his clothing.

Master suggested that the traveler should get a proper cover for the pot so he would not have to cover it with the fabric. Traveler replied to that suggestion: „When I left the home, I decided to acquire nothing more what I already have with me. If today I cannot manage without the proper cover, tomorrow I might need a torch for a night, then maybe a walking stick already and so on and so on. My needs will grow in time and soon I´m back to my ordinary life which I left behind. By owning only those three things I can live happily and carefree.”


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2 thoughts on “Story – Sandals, piece of cloth and a pot

  • ziko10

    As i already wrote in a comment on other place ,we grab to much for material goods and forget about our souls which are not good health.The ERA of capitalism push us to buy more and more.Media show rich people and introduce them like idols but iam shore that a lot of this people is not happy.

    • Armin Post author

      Exactly! Media shows us the “dream life” and if you are not able to have it, you cannot “fit in”. You are outsider. There is constant pressure from society. You should own this and that, then you have “done it”. And if you are not able to achieve those things, you are a loser.
      But luckily we live at the times where more and more people are “waking up”. And I try to do my part in waking people up.