Escape Artist

Escaping life


Escape artist. Who is it? Maybe you are one of them. Who knows 😉

The escape artist is not somebody who has very good skill running away from cops or who knows exactly when to take off when things turn bad to be completely innocent afterwards or who knows the best hiding places when playing hide and seek.

No, escape artist which I will talk about in this article is the one who escapes from life itself. Escape artist is the master of escaping from himself/herself (side note: I do not know how to write if there are different genders involved. We Estonians do not have separate word for him and her. So to make the story easier to read I will stick with one gender only) and most of the time he is not even aware of it. That’s why I said maybe you are one of them and this article will help you to find it out.

Masterful escape artist

Before I start to describe who escape artist is and how to recognize one, let me first give you an example of very masterful escape artist.

I have one friend. No, she is not my only friend, I have actually more friends 😉
One time we had a discussion about meditation. She asked me what is meditation and how does one meditate. I described: you have to sit or lay down in a quiet place and be completely still. And you should come aware of your thoughts, feelings, sensations and emotions. She said she cannot do it. As soon when she is alone and has nothing to do, her mind starts to create all kinds of bad scenarios: What if this happens? What if that happens? What will become of my life then? How can I deal with it? No! It cannot happen! I cannot live with it, I will not survive” And so on and so on. She just has to find something to do or she will go crazy.

This is a true sign of escape artist. Escape artist is the one who cannot accept life as it is, he cannot be alone with his thoughts. He has to find something to focus so he would not have to deal with those negative thoughts and emotions.

Are you an escape artist?

Ask yourself the following questions to find out.

When you go home, do you switch on your TV or PC immediately when you walk in?
Can you be home alone without any music or there has to be some background music when you are alone?
When you are waiting somebody in a quiet place where there is not much to see or listen, will your fingers start to itch to grab your smart phone and check the Facebook?
When you have done your daily tasks but there is still time for bed, do you have to seek something which you can still do?
Do you have to go to the gym or do some other activity so you don’t have to go home and be alone there?
Can you be home alone on Friday evening or you just have to go and hang out with your friends or family?
Do you always have to find some entertainment (any kind of entertainment: from simple chit chat to partying with friends) so you would not have to think about painful past or uncertain future?

Can you forget all those “nice” things and be just with yourself?
Can you sit quietly in your room with no music, no phone, no TV and chat with no one?
Can you deal with your thoughts which will arise when you have nothing to do?
Can you deal with emotions which will come up because of those thoughts?
Can you handle the pain which arises when bad memories start to come up?
Can you handle the pressure when uncertain future hits you on the face?

If you have to do even one thing which was mentioned above to keep yourself away from your own thoughts. There is a huge chance you are an escape artist. And please, be truly honest with yourself. Do not lie to yourself. The worst lie is when we lie to ourselves.

Learn to be alone with your thoughts

Accept that you are an escape artist and you are escaping life. And if you think that life IS all that entertainment which you can enjoy every day. You are heavily mistaken.

Life is happening every second. Life is surrounding you every moment. And do enjoy it, you do not need 50” TV, PS4 (XBox) and latest IPhone. You do not need fancy cars and your clothes do not need to reflect the latest fashion. You do not need all the luxuries and entertainment our modern society can offer you. And lastly, you do not need anyone beside you to enjoy every moment of this amazing life. All those things are just a bonus and not the requirement for happy and fulfilled life.

If you cannot accept being alone with your own thoughts and emotions, you cannot actually enjoy the life. You are using the entertainment to escape from yourself. Everything you do is to escape from those bad thoughts and memories. And the last thing you can escape from, is your own mind. No matter how many things you own. No matter how active you are. Your thoughts will always find you.

Stop escaping and accept the reality. Accept who you are. Accept every part of your body. And most importantly accept your thoughts, feelings and emotions, they are part of you and there is no way to escape them.

I will end this article with a powerful quote from Rali who is the owner of “Naked Reality” YouTube channel:
“The shit you are trying to escape is the shit you have to accept at end anyway”

Stop escaping and start “living” 🙂


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