Result after 37 days with ADZbuzz revenue distribution

This is the result after 37 days in ADZbuzz 🙂


Those earnings are from doing what exactly? Being social, creating content in my blog and sharing it with ADZbuzz. I´m doing the things which I do anyway and I´m getting paid for it. What can be better than that.

And this is just the beginning. My blog is just a baby among other blogs. Average daily visitors is about 60. Imagine what are the earnings when I have 500 visitors a day or even 5000 visitors 🙂
And what is even better, those earnings what I have already received will be multiplied many, many times. In autumn the current amount of earnings ($248) can be worth already more than $10,000. Why? Because the constant increase of the price of ADZcoin. Within the last 5 days my earnings have already been multiplied 2.5 times.

This screenshot has been made 5 days ago when the price of ADZ was $0.010. Now 5 days later the price is fluctuating between $0.025 and $0.03. My earnings which is about 8000 ADZ were worth little over $70 are now worth almost $250. When the price increases even more (which it does 100%) those coins are worth more and more.

Yes the price can also decrease and the value of my coins with it but it does so just temporarily. In the long run the price of ADZ will increase constantly.

This price rally wasn’t even expected. It was just a reaction to the latest news. What will happen to the price when those things are ready? Cannot wait 🙂 Although I would have wanted the price to stay low for few more months, so I could get my hands on as many cheap ADZcoins as I can. But both scenarios are OK 😉 It is so good to see the value of your portfolio grow.

NB! Little reminder to you. Don’t miss the chance to win some free coins with ADZ Giveaway which will happen already tonight at 19:00 GMT here. Plus I have another surprise for my new referrals who have joined me during the last month. Join me live and find out what this surprise is 😉

Very exiting times ahead for all ADZbuzz members.
And again. I have to thank all my supporters, readers and followers. I wouldn’t have such a success with you. Thank You! 🙂


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