ADZ News 3.05.2017 – News that we have been waiting for 6

ADZ latest news & updates. Latest updates include the news we all have been waiting for. Plus you have a change to win free ADZ every week. Watch the video and find out



  • First earnings have been released
  • Latest updates and development
  • ADZ Giveaway – Chance to win free ADZ

Landing page text in PDF
YouTube live broadcast for ADZ Giveaway

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6 thoughts on “ADZ News 3.05.2017 – News that we have been waiting for

  • Tarithel

    Another good video, thanks Armin.

    After reading today’s announcement (by Jens) I had a couple of questions in my mind and this video answered those questions perfectly, so thanks for that 🙂

    • Armin Post author

      I was starting to shoot the video already yesterday and kept the news part for today. And right before I started to make it, saw the new update, so changed my video accordingly 🙂

    • Armin Post author

      Active as hell 🙂
      I need to do it, so I can enjoy the result rest of my life.

      I´m enjoying the process so no escaping the “now” 😉